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He basketball the same hoosiers attempt to bounce back from their first big ten conference loss meeting the Terrapins at the university of Maryland. Hello, everybody. This is dot Fisher along with Eric sore and Joe schmuck? What does continue to be Indiana struggle with slow starts almost all season long? I you allowed second ranked Michigan to jump out to a first-half nineteen point lead in Ann Arbor last Sunday, and they paid the price with the seventy four to sixty three defeat to the unbeaten. Wolverines the lost dropped Indiana. The twenty second and twenty fourth in this week's rankings ended a seven game win streak and lowered the season record to twelve and three elsewhere eight here coach Mark Turgeon has orchestrated an impressive performance. Very young Maryland squad with the Terrapins doubt thirteen and three overall and four and one of the after capturing a pair of road Wentz at Rutgers last Saturday that Minnesota on Tuesday the turf start to freshman to south force on junior guard. Then Anthony Collins with three freshmen being the first players to come off the bench. So they are young Eric sore Indiana's accomplishments of Benepe recipe. Considering the injury issues this year, but and it's a big but the the star game slowly must end of the season is to be as successful as we can. But not even this season. Just this game. You got to take a game by game here, if you're Indiana, Maryland, teen, Don is really good at thirteen and three four and one. At least got a top ten freshmen recruiting class to really good guys is one of the best rebounding teams Indiana will play this season averaging rebounding margin of eleven rebounds more than their opponent. That's amazing in Indiana has got to be great on the glass to your point can't start slow against good teams in this Maryland team is a very good team. No question about that. And I would say that Indiana has got to also pick it up from people coming off the bench. They have not gotten a lot of production out of the guys that have been off the bench, and that has not been talked about much, but I tend to agree with you. You look at this Maryland team, they've got some some nice talented comes off. Off the bench. All great teams. Don, not only have a really nice starting lineup. But they've got guys can really hurt. You coming off the bench. I agree with you Indiana's bench has not been a factor. These last few ballgames for Indiana to be the team that they want to be in this big ten conference got to have some contributions from this bench. I think it starts with guys. Like, I don't know who it is. Devante green or rob panacea or Zach mcroberts, whoever it is that comes off the bench for this Indiana team. That's the struggle right now with injury issues to are the first two three guys that Indiana can rely on who's your team has that answer yet. They've had to mix and match so many different lineups. Save yet to establish that identity. I think tonight's a nice. I mean, you get a guys coming off the bench against a good Maryland team man, that would be huge for this Indiana ballclub who's capable of getting a good quality win on the road and talked about the rebounding aspect of what we're talking about a man's game inside against us Maryland team Bernard Bruno Fernando is probably isn't crushable. Player from a big point of view that we have seen so far this season. And this guy is six ten two hundred forty pounds. And he looks bigger than that. Yeah. Sophomore big, man. He is not only big Don he is skilled you watch the catch of all right at the elbow. And although he's six ten to forty. He's got the ability to drive you right or left each skilled enough. He can spend back to the other side are really difficult guard like Jon Morgan to has dealt with some fouling issues here. And in the end has not been nearly as good with Jon Morgan on the bench. I don't know who coach Archie Miller is to match up against for NATO. He has big time talent in this league. Jalen Smith, the freshman is also six foot ten I mean, these two bigs really play well off of each other Indiana's front court has got to be great blocking out, but even more important to guards Donna to come in and be eighteen team. Rebounding mindset all five guys have got to be committed to rebound in the basketball. I think at Maryland dominates. The boards. Tonight's going to be a long game for the Indiana hoosiers. Ballclub all five guys about got to be committed to rebound in the basketball. Both ends. There is good news tonight. Rob is back. He will play in this ball game. How much you'll play and those kinds of things we determined by the coach and by his Republicans out there, but he is ready to play. But we'll talk more about that. When we get back as we continue our post game show. And of course, as always our post Gabor's preserve our free game show..

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