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All right guys enough with the delays my guest today like i mentioned before is matt reynolds he has nearly twenty years of experience competing in string sports and coaching bar bell based strength and conditioning the guy first totalled elite in powerlifting in two thousand four he wanted to professional status in the sports of strong men in two thousand six and he founded one of the strongest and largest pure strength jim's in the country strong jim which was named powerlifting watch jim of the year for two thousand thirteen and two thousand fourteen he holds his starting strength certification and has travelled throughout the country serving as a staff coach with mark roberto which i know a lot of you guys are familiar with poor starting strengths seminars abut rather than talk about the rest of his accomplishments which are many i think the best compliment i can pay the man is that he is a great coach and i've worked with a lot of different coaches i know from experience that he is a great coach because he's been coaching me for the past two months and i can tell you that i have gotten a lot stronger in a very very short period of time and again that's the best compliment and testament i can give so without further delay let's dig into the conversation with my strength coach mr matt reynolds matt what's going on brothers rejoin meal show today era and a regula show middle exerted beer so i just learned were were pretty well connected with jordan harbinger brad mackay any priscilla joe to settle like all these guys that i know you know so make sense of we're having this conversation men yet i seem to find this on this podcast we all can aurora of the same circles row that's kind of way it works a trade replica in jordan harbinger of known be brazil us and sir.

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