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Not being tested, we thought coming into the season and I had to go back and look at my notes Todd when we were looking at some preseason projections. We kind of called for regression from San Diego state secondary primarily because they were losing to all conference guys in Holland Thompson, from last year's team. So they haven't been tested yet to figure out if those two all conference guys are sorely missed. I think we'll probably find the answer out this weekend. And so it would not shock me in the least bit Todd. If Fresno actually closes the favor here. This game is interesting because I actually watched the full game or a better part of three quarters for that San Diego state air force game. I know what the scoreboard said. I know what side we were on. But there was a play early in the game that would have completely changed the dynamic. You had an air force receiver that was wide open. And I'm talking about 8 to ten yards of separation, hit them right in the hands, drops the ball. And air force was never able to find that momentum play. I just get the feeling that if they can keep pain or upright even with that ankle injury that he looks significantly healthier dealing with last week against Nevada that he had in recent weeks, this can be a team that's going to put San Diego state in a position they haven't been in. And I think you raise the key factor here. It's easy to say that hey, look, if a team is playing with the lead life is significantly easier to what we've talked about in the NFL for years with Kansas City. The defense is built to get after the passer when they're up the same way the Indianapolis Colts have paid Manning years ago. We're built to stop the run, but they were built to get after the quarterback when other teams had to erase deficits. I think the San Diego stayed off and we'll find themselves in a world of hurt if Fresno was able to build not a one score, but maybe a ten 13 point lead at any point in the game. It could be good night's sweetheart to quote the great Lee corso. Absolutely. I think the other interesting thing here is San Diego state is a defensive based programming team right now. And they have an all world punter. And he's good. Part of the reason. Not only is he not only is he great, he's probably the best punter in the country, but he did have the Denver air working in his favor last week. And so that changes a little bit here. You mentioned the big drop, but also the reason San Diego state was really successful in that game. Is there starting field position? Was at the 41 yard line. And so I don't think you will have quite as good fuel position this week. And sometimes in a game when you're looking at a total of 44 and a half hidden yards goes a long way. And it's an area where, like you said, San Diego state has been one of the best. They're plus three 59 this season. As far as special teams efficiency goes, a pun efficiency rating of 87%. And that wasn't just one 80 yard punt for Matt rise of pain. He did it the week before as well in California against San Jose state, although that one rolled a little bit longer than it was true area yards. But clearly a thing to watch Bill Belichick's going to draft that guy in the third round. I mean, let's not kid ourselves. You got our audience extremely excited Monday was glorified punter porn with in depth analysis of what the saints and Seahawks were going to bring to the plate. So the fact you were able to run it back and talk about it, San Diego state Aztecs punter speaks volumes about the depth of knowledge and useless information. We love to impart on our listenership. It's really an underrated factor when you're looking at. I will say. That is definitely the case. All right, two big game breakdowns, four factors that will impact a couple of the other marquee games that people will be watching this weekend. I know there is also a portion of our core listener base, a little disappointed that we didn't deep dive The Rock fight taking place between Iowa and Wisconsin and a couple of other games that just nearly missed the cut, but there aren't enough hours in the day to get to every single football game that'll take place on any given Saturday. We do have one breakdown. You want the breakdown? Yeah, I do it. Which is the sharp side there. Go ahead and have a blast laying points. That's got all the mister mertz. Got all of them. Like it's not going to the game's going to close three and a half, maybe even more. Wisconsin is the professional site. Can you get yourself to lay points with merch? It's what it comes. Got all the makings of a game where you lay three and a half and Wisconsin is always in control yet they win the game 1210. That's the breakdown. There you go. See, that's why you get the big bucks around here. Succinct eloquent and still informative all at the exact same time. All right, one final order. I feel like if that's the only things we could discuss, we could go down this tire board, but I'm trying to prevent degenerate nature of our podcast GGF thoughts you want to offer up on north Texas against rice or UMass liberty while we're talking about money yesterday. North Texas took some money yesterday. Below the three story show. Sneaky. Sneaky over there, two teams that can move the ball a little bit better and they're giving credit for in conference USA. All right. All right, one final order business. Focus one final order of business. It's where we can go for an investment opportunity. I did see you on dress, one of our listeners this week on Twitter for our temple pick last week..

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