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What did waters they outsi so that's randy ardmore cargo wherever i warn i've got passports that you've never heard off of travel under league of nations past core i love this i bought predator said guatemala you have gone off i'd five and you would love to see that fighting you would set that fight up business stayed up any faint golden boy promotions is ready to iraq but you yourself or not don't how fight anyway i bad fight you kinda mcgregor now basically authentic connie mcgregor county mcgregor other mcgregor that's what i say no does they vow on that writer we know we any mcgregori insisted who could know what he's saying as has been scully again got blame what are you going to blame the dodgers lost this year because they came close in almost one at all i think i know who you going blame accomplish of followed points true north gentleman to to yasser she'll ira k c i knew that's what you're going to say he cleaned up his act he told me that cleanliness she lowery ours at clinging lex his louisville slugger right i believe i overload survived dole jews fields of the pin olds would mortgage the judge wads new syria huh it is i sebastian gorka and i millions were how know what are you afraid to brigades are you afraid to pay the debate i'm going to bring out into the bay area per here at home brought to you daily day uh look i come i cut the dodgers lost because they represent the city of decode decayed values natade you lose angelique with the dodgers loss because global warming that's happening everywhere and especially right now we see in the wildfires in california they are eating up the atmosphere and had thought she should we need it to play and debris now do you think that the that the global warming had an effective causing a hurricane to actually destroy houston to galvanize that fan base galvanized that team and give it the little bit extra to beat the dodgers in the world series i think it was a factor.

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