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Is not a joke and if a person control their mind and doc ultimately enable control it does not matter you know what I think of. If you're happy doing that AH IN ISLAM BENEFIT US go for it I will never ever girdle okay 'cause I was saying the movie was Busey. Come her because I was GONNA say. A curiosity killed the cat so you get to cures remember that all right going back again finally for the final part of the relationships theories but along role. I haven't had struggled off three weeks tom by a little bit everything today in and all today's me read. You won't be happy in relationship if you're not happy which sell I inspiration come from the big shiny new single single again. <hes> you know obviously talking about single again. Trina got us all recall single again so I guess you know they should just collapsed whatever the time rephrase relationship goals and then the memo of the week that I just read today or Monday was say being singlets singlet board began a relationship too complicated talking to someone to frustrating woody is life are jostle as the last three parts. I haven't had two guests. So why wouldn't I finish off with two guests so I got two more yesterday started. Let go on lefter. What's your name where you're from? I'm Jay Ron Houston Texas this time back. We have another WHOA WHOA go back to the show so you bet you young lady. Hey be a number of states how you know state now display all right so I ask them last week in Amac's again when you hear the word relationship was the first thing that comes to your mind commit me responsibility responsibility disability. Okay all right out is either yes or no I know I asked what they don't are you in a relationship yes enough. He is saying and actually single. ooh Okay next question so Yagi acid simultaneously are you have you saying he s. I am all right. Good okay so I found article is called ten reasons. Why people are saying hi SORTA? I reason it says that people are saying was because money is that there are people around who are single and people haven't singled all anything like that is there are soda. People think that commitment is an expense says according to him they are committed to have to spend on their partners they after give for the birthdays anniversaries knowledge that something with these because you say enough single so do you feel like you don't have to buy another follow body reflex difficult. You'll tiger well. I usually don't expect I don't expect use. It'd be nice on dates. I'm I'm Kinda like Yale. You know you take care of the bill in lead to ochre sell on kind of open today now what you because you're in a thriving relationship that's combining gene so now do you enjoy buying stuff is Kinda like because I've heard some people say sometimes people will look at it as a burden but some people actually enjoy oy like spoiling their significant others who enjoys spoiling try to win. I can the next one. It says that personalities the reason people are saying that this the harsh reality but maybe you are thinking because nobody wants to be with you. Personality has a lot to do with this. Nobody wants commitment would've flirt okay so do you have a flirt either via do you a single was your flirt was a flirt house up woody mean house alike where you always always cracking jokes with Leslie stuff. I think is a mixture of both bill is in my case. I think it was the corning would help me more than it hurt me okay. My jokes is funny. Talk Judges Anti is mountain years realtor okay her knee. I'm alert and then we'll learn coban nowadays. The flirting Carmelite Hotel should meet you know like is like is the whole social media way so everybody. It's easier to flirt on social media argument yes in in those little you know heart is or you know just sliding corny jokes in you know what I'm saying. Just <unk> jokes that were okay a special meeting like I said it's easier and that's the way right now. It's not old school pickup lines will all the you know somebody said friend of mine is ever may owed until his life like like whenever he will close off and she will put other male A._O._l.. Or anything he can be funny. She lowers his elemental yourself like this the way to do it. That's one of the ways to do it. This one you make make yourself known dislike my lady. I made myself known. I didn't hide your no no but it wouldn't necessarily I like it wasn't a bugaboo it was more of I made myself know put my I didn't put myself out there but she saw who I was right. It was working there. We have different takes on this on. y'All's love story out okay. I was still still in pitcher okay so says sometimes people are still single because they love their Hicks. Okay never too much on that. I that that Eh me but he's up for. You know absolutely not okay. There's some cases though it is for. Some people say anything. I've never had issues with my ex. If anything come around you know as friends like Oh you know did you wrong but you know we still good still coup you know so the next one is overconfidence. Sometimes people are saying because they're overconfident. I find that interesting because it's like some women I know like confident softening me but then is like as a man confident woman. That's overconfident I do. She feel like she knows she can get. You guzm ethics pretty else but that's just me yeah or I'm not single moon. Well were you were. That's it as as a l.. May Pension is different ways. I guess I we say overconfident. I'm thinking somebody who is you know. Don't think they stink yeah. I don't like though I don't like that. Sometimes Seles enjoyed freedom there joining late night parties and happy that they don't have to answer to anyone so they're happy single enjoy freedom <music>.

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