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Older ones when you get into in greece in rome italy places where the girl out allah's they could thanked him here's download freezing easily pretty easily and here if it's young on the ground for a year so i think he lied to protect at least for a year to okay art thank you all right good light with hey you know about the policy for in south georgia to have the olive groves where they're grown commercially down there i do not uh there's somebody got smart and said we need to diversify our blueberry and other uh things that are growing now south georgia buber's was the first diversification from the cotton corn folks in the blue repeated people came in and they're diversify with some allah's because you use some of the same equipment four blueberry culture is used for olive culture and i have seen blue bottles of georgiagrown native georgia olive oil it set for sale callaway gardens places like that you have a lot but coupes bloomberg bush as well in it and those are we did get some proof off this uh this late summer are so i'm open with the free that it will produce a little bit heavier this year yeah good deal i hope the freezes not come weather blooming that as long as of freezin' boot free as long as cold weather does not freeze the blues off in your your golden art thank your bike pfizer carling we got who the lat 12 minutes past the hour betsy marietta georgia hey betsy good morning good morning wall uh my question is about art hardest sunshine and me yeah they were slightly damaged in the two heart the free setting the snow back in december and i'm wondering if i can cut them back pretty hard why do that specifically well i really want them to branch out more hit assad not just straight up and i thought i pruning hard that would encourage that i.

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