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Man's a problem. The only person that arrival twenty six assists her is the all time record in major league. Soccer goes by that. I'm back in two thousand. He might have a shot at it. He might have a shot at there. And he's got twelve assists already. Here's the bad something that can really only hurt me. Describe as a fantastic flop latour concept. See cincinnati atlanta united me. Wow that was move No i got nothing. Disciplinary committee might have something. i mean. this is simulation right. You want to get this out of the game. You got to punish you if you know what happened after this galasso does score out. So it's like you're in our rundown looking ahead towards the towards the end of the segment. Joe i will always see lucho gliding down the field at audi field next to wayne root for the few months of magic that We had there in late two thousand eighteen. Let's get to the ugly inner miami the other side of that game against new england her eight and five. Nothing lost five. Nothing lost at home. That is now six straight defeats for miami their last in the eastern conference their last in the league phil neville before the match said it was quote now or never for inter miami. So where does that leave us. Then if they lost five nothing when it was now there in everything i did payroll. They pay people pay. Pay that team to play football. You won't believe it from watching him but they pay these people they actually do. They don't look happy. They don't look like a team that even likes being around each other. You look at eguaveon on the field when beside passion the ball when robinson doesn't pass the ball when anybody else's impasse hands ball up in the air. It's in this gus. Thirteen goals allowed. Just one scored look our friend. Andrew we emily's soccer dot com points this out point six seven points per game and a minus thirteen goal. Differential are both dead last in the league. I don't know how this man phil neville still has a job. I don't know how we got this job. We.

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