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Martin Luther King, Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms discussed on All Things Considered


Firm believer this is actually one of all of the other one so just know that you know he still works in over years and he's currently smiling right now I'm interested to hear you say you think Martin Luther king's watching over here smiling this is great look at this all colors everybody we all came together as one I was struck listening to both of them out protesting police brutality in twenty twenty and on their minds is the civil rights icon who died decades before they were born king's legacy looms large in these protests in Atlanta in fact it when a mayor Keisha lance bottoms was also invoking king this past Friday and she called for the looting and destruction that erupted that night to end what I see happening on the streets of Atlanta is not Atlanta this is not a protest this is not in the spirit of Martin Luther king junior this is chaos although king himself while a champion of nonviolent protest was no prude about certain moments demanding radical action here use in nineteen sixty seven the year before he was killed preaching at Ebenezer Baptist church here in Atlanta so it is important to see that ballot time when a man made law is out of harmony with the the universe that times when with eternal and divine law and when that happens you have an obligation to break it king was born in Atlanta he's buried here that church Ebenezer Baptist was his pulpit this past Sunday with tensions running so high in the city it fell to king's successor the current senior pastor Raphael Warnock to deliver the sermon his message if you were not speaking up now it is not only to be on the wrong side of history it is not only to be on the wrong side of the issue as that is to be on the wrong side of gong wanted to hear more and so are invited Reverend Warnock to talk we met both wearing masks and sat together on a bench on the patio of pastels a soul food institution in Atlanta I just want to ask what it was like to deliver this past Sunday sermon from that pulpit in Atlanta in this moment did you feel the weight of history on your words I'll tell you what it was like it was like when I preach to the Sunday after Michael brown's death and.

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