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On even at night eager to listen to one calming voice I think I heard the first broadcast when she came on and I just felt like okay we're gonna be okay because she's going to get us through this she is cancer news director Pat Kerr again and let's get right to the specifics of the new information coming out this morning from cal fire for people whose lives depended on evacuation orders and other emergency information local radio delivers Kerrigan says radio also connect with an audience in a way websites newspapers and TV can't it is very personal very personal you know we're describing what's happening in our own voices and and our own voices naturally will be tinged with concern and fear and things like that even if she's reaching hundreds of thousands of people it can feel like a radio host is speaking directly to you radio waves travel miles and miles unimpeded it doesn't take a lot of energy to transmit or receive them so as long as the station has power even if it's a back up generator and the listener have hand cranked or battery powered radio it works no internet or self service required yeah you really think that old school radio has been far often to overlook Doug Carlson runs the website wildfire crisis communication and advocates for emergency officials to use radio during disasters after the twenty seventeen fires he says the napa county grand jury investigated what communications worked and what didn't and they determined that old school technologies like radio were crucial effect they use the term saves the day that's one reason the red cross recommends everyone's emergency kit includes a radio we're the ones that are going to give you the information you need we're the ones that are that are going to be there for you when you call Mike Adams normally plays three decades of pop hits on Kay's EST when the station and its affiliates switched over to all news he became part reporter part emergency coordinator we had an elderly couple and they they were broke down on the side of the road and they needed help they called the station and you could see me tearing up potus put up a listener pulled up and helped they have taken care of with the emergency winding down Casey S. T. K. S. R. O. and other North Bay stations are back to their normal programming I'll I'll throw it out there do you think I should play a song yet our I would as the do the boost in listenership will likely subside that's too bad says KACST general manager Frank Colbert S. I wish it didn't take circumstances like these for people to understand the value of radio you can count on it even though it's not the next big thing I mean I honestly think we are the Rodney Dangerfield of all media we get no respect except maybe at times like this and then it's bleeding until of course next time in Santa Rosa I'm Daniel Benton's KQED news.

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