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So that is, you know, 30 28 years old. And I have nightmares about. I think I brought up yesterday, a particular half inning in a little league playoff. Because it matters and and of course, it matters to the highest level. So Fair, not fair. Clayton Kershaw was removed himself from the list of those remarkable athletes who haven't gotten it done. Guess what? Mike Trout's on the list. And you can make that the case and it's a good one that Mike Trout hasn't had the opportunities. Clayton Kershaw has has that, Hey, doesn't play for an Angel team of Southern California team like the Daughters that's been in the playoffs. Every single freaking year in the World Series three out of four years. Here's the counter argument. Play every day, bro. And I know clearly in baseball. You can not impact the game the way that unending layer can a quarterback. But he still might shout the greatest baseball player not just of his generation, but there's a case that droughts the greatest baseball player to never win. World Series. He may never get there. Sean Watson's on the list. And the guys. He's that good. He gets paid that kind of money. You. Bill O'Brien. Has been it Turns out, Kevin cashed every moment. Every decision. I just that one. Do it. Doesn't doesn't matter. The MBA has Maura those guys because You impact a game and In the most percentage wise, the highest percentage of the individual can impact. A major American sport is in the MBA and I'm a give you a long list of these guys also because the combination of LeBron James And the Warriors has snuffed out championships for a generation of players almost almost Oh, yeah. Harden Cp three Westbrook. You're talking about guys. Who used to sit on that. On that porch of talented failures with Clayton Kershaw. And Kershaw stood up yesterday and walked away from it forever, and it's awesome. And I love it for What it matters. It changes his legacy in its entirety. And and I'll say it again. He could have pitched. Really poorly in this postseason. He could have pitched poorly. This world Siri's and the Dodgers could have risen above it. It didn't go that way. He was amazing. Kershaw was amazing in the playoffs. It had to go in the office away, and they still want in the long run. That is exactly what would have happened. We would have forgotten. We remember championships, not the failures of him. Guys take Karl Karl Malone's a perfect example. Provolone is even remembered in those conversations. We talk about dunking and we talk about Kobe. We talk about Russell. We talk about Karim. Old timers. Right? Magic bird. Isiah Thomas gets more run sometimes. Come alone. You could make it if you put a ring in Karl Malone's pocket. There's a there's a strong argument. He's a top five player in the history of the game. And why do they not won a championship? You already know that's not new, but he won't because the greatest force in professional sports history in Michael Jordan Guess what. Life ain't fair. And that's what I think makes yesterday's win for the For the Dodgers so special Yeah, Kershaw had more chances than most. It's nice that the sea things work out the way they're supposed to. Clayton Girls should have a ring. You should pitch well in the World Series in the postseason. He should acquit himself. As he's supposed to in the moment, and by the way, it's not like he's a 26 year old failure who figured out he's nearing the end. The Dodgers future's so bright. It's so scary how good Walker Buehler and Julio Urias they're going to be and I know we saw Aria's yesterday. Close it out, Couple innings. He's a starting pitcher. That's what he is. And they've been really careful with him because of his injury. He's come back from. He's a young guy Bures or a young guy, Bule bule areas. Can be Cy Young level candidates, Cy Young. Were the pictures as starting pitchers in that dodgersrotation for many years to come. All you have is a healthy Of course, in always. Corey Seager is not an old guy. Mookie Betts is going to be there for the rest of his career. Cody Bellenger is a young dude. I'm gonna give you a name. That's not a real sexy one. But still will Smith. A big double yesterday. A bunch of young guys on that team. The Dodge would be good for a long time. First I was not going to be Near the end of the road. You have three years after one year of of accident. I don't know. What I know is that you saw one of the last great chances for him to be great in World Series and he got there and he deserve that ring. And it's one of the good, great, beautiful happy stories of a 2020. That has been largely anything but that good for Kershaw good for the Dodgers. It is nice to see things go the way they should anytime, especially in 2028 55 to 1 to four. CBS will take some phone calls. I'm gonna brag about Ella. I'm probably going to point out why Ella should be getting more love, and it already is. As the capital of sports world. All.

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