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The dream early. I want this time. He's probably living in the apartment above the firehouse. Probably a main street over to be able to overview all of the construction. Even anybody has the ad before we jump into our Disney memory. I like to this movie watch it. Yes. There's a reason that it's known that's Meguid say there is a reason that it's known and there are reasons why others are not. All right. So the and I'm sorry, it's also like if you think about it, any of the well-known movies from back in the day are basically would. Were put into Disneyland. So we've got twenty thousand Davy Crockett Alison. I wonder. I think Alice's an opening day attraction isn't there's a picture while riding it. So Missile. someone. Peter Pan, snow why? So the big hitters. So this week's doesn't even memory comes from dairy. Terry flowed who kindly said cloud with enough, so you we know how to pronounce it. Thank you. We decided to go to Walt Disney World is a family, and I was told by my brother that they trusted meet a plan. All the fast passes in the dining reservations who people trust me with that all the time. Out there. Things change pretty fast. A lot of the fast passes. I plans, my brother wanted changed in. They skipped most of the dining. We have reserved that's the war. Hollywood studios was one. I was most ticked off because there is only for rights. I decided to make fast passes for three lambs. There's no point in making the shows since I had heard that it was an hour, wait for toys Romania, even with best passed. I made a fast pass for star tours to of roller rollercoaster, good choices. All rides. I'd never been on to do with my brother and sister law since my sister in parents didn't want to go on in my nieces or three years old eight months old. So they resort the only when we got to do star tours in the rest of my brother had changed ratios as not a hundred percent sure on how to work fast pass on the app yet. So we had to cancel top terror in. Anyway, we were walking to muppet vision, three d when my mom stopped in pointed out to characters between star tours revision goofy and max. Oh, that's awesome. It could not have been more perfect because fees, my favorite character I love of you movie as wearing powerline t shirt that I got hot topic specifically for this trip. My three year old NASA's freaking out. The rest of my family went to of vision, and I went to meet max in goof by myself. There was someone in front of me wearing a max shirt that I was talking to who told me that goofy movie was also his favorite movie. And we talked right up until it was time to meet them while Maxon goof went for a break. They saw both of our shirts in gave us both thumbs up. Finally got to my turn to meet them right away. Mech started playing era guitar and gave me two thumbs up. I asked max if he was going to Paris for the powerline concert, the guideline told me about it but didn't get details on represent right, and he nodded, but then told me not to tell. The next thing I knew goofy was doing the perfect cast. It was so awesome and put the biggest smile on my face after being annoyed with my brother since Max's rarely out. So I thought it was perfect decided to wear my powerline shirt that day before leaving the park. I want to guess relations to tell them how happy I was a c. max out. They told me that a guy came by earlier until the same thing. Hopefully laboring mix up more as I think the popularity of goofy movie is getting higher. Like I said, not the most magical moment, but the one thing I remember most that made me smile for my three trips..

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