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All right. Let's dive in even though it's not as popular as it once was, there's something special about boxing, because when you think about it. No sport, is inspired writers for the written page in the silver screen like boxing, has and on Saturday night. We were reminded why somebody name Andy Ruis junior. The third took down Anthony Joshua wasn't there, a character in die hard, Mr. Joshua? Oh, Mr. Joshua was. Weapon, lethal weapon play by Gary Busey lethal weapon, the first one, okay, Mr. Joshua. So whenever I would hear his name, I always think Mr. Joshua member that they took the lighter and they put it under his hand, just to show how tough, Mr. Joshua was that Mr. Joshua was tougher than the Mr. Joshua got in the ring on Saturday night. Because Ruis shocked everyone by TKO with Joshua in the seventh round and the outcome reminded a lot of people Buster Douglas against Mike Tyson because BUSTER was forty two to one underdog. Now, Ruiz's was probably thirteen fourteen fifteen to one underdog. We didn't know much about them, certainly with Buster Douglas, you knew that he had knockout power. You just didn't know if he was going to get a chance to knock out Mike Tyson, Tyson was the biggest star on the planet. So this was a huge moment for boxing and here we have another moment, and boxing has re. Been revitalized a little bit. You're seeing FOX, you're seeing dissolve on you're seeing ESPN..

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