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You've got you know certain bands who have a signature sound and if you hear one of their songs you can recognize their them immediately by their sound in almost every else thing that you know they put out. I mean you'll good. Examples of that are acdc or the tragically hip. So they've got us a sound that you just recognize with periods of ours is a little different. I i have different influences from different bands and those influences will come out In songs and a lot of songs. I've written have actually been inspired by okay. So when i'm working on new al i actually have a list Which i say you know like my song ideas and it'll be like a song in the style of this song from this artist Ah song in the style of this song from this artist or it'll be like i. I want to write a song that has this quality of this song from this artist. But does this from this artisan. And then you know transmute to songs into one. That is amazing Perfect perfect example of that is my song mercury magnitude of edge the black. Now if you listened to that song it's a five five four groove and it was the is was the dna merging of two songs. I took joseph. Trani song unstoppable momentum. I took that five groove. And that that rift he played and then i took the core progression of queen's song radio gaga and those keyboard sounds and added. I merged the two together the end in. That's the slot song that i was hearing on my head. Was those two songs merged together so when you listen to mercury manager you're actually it sounds like a completely new song it is but is because i had the creative vision that i heard two different songs completely unrelated songs together as as one and so. That's that's a good example of the kind of crazy things that they do. So i would say that my visa is very it is rebellious that way and all already song you know that's in the style of jimi hendrix overdose on this and the style of miss suga. Your rid a song. This style of any or ministry or or you know the extreme Doesn't matter your music took a turn in the album. Edges the black. There's a grass a drastic change that took place during the black during the last half of the album. And then i was reading most of my music on my signature guitar which is that qatar is actually designed by alex lifespan of rush and he played guitar in the late eighties on the album. Hold your fire and for those tours and so that's on. Guitar is a very specific tone. And whenever i play the guitar guitar just says something. It speaks for itself. I don't write the music guitar rates the music and then guitar ended up rating half the on the black. It wrote the of the ambassador. It wrote archery and rain So in that start to the new reds direction of where it was going musically and my new album that's coming out which has caused mccain joel's has that signature sound and a lot of the direction of where it was going. The edge as the black is now is now. The new direction of of work. Permits of ours is going well. Let's expand on your influences. You have very outstanding and unusual influences that affect your songwriting. Oh boy yeah. I have a lot of influences that are affecting my music hitter. More than just my my musical influences You know like. I have a lot of classical influence on my music as well. A mike my greatest. Inspirations come from qatar. Come from j s bark and antonio involve antonio vivaldi bro classical composers. So there's a lot of my melodic ideas come from from classical music. Directly from classical music Mike guitar playing I'm more influenced by violin music that i am guitar. Music that that's what that's what attracts me is violin music in so whenever i hear violent melodies. That's what i transcribe onto my guitar or think of my guitarists if it's actually a violin. So that's that kind of influence comes in there to let's talk about star nation and that is a that is quite a long story because i am an experience and i have had Continuous extraterrestrial contact since two thousand fourteen I'm i've done over sixty. Ufo radio interviews again at sixty six zero because of a ongoing continuous can contact by extraterrestrials. So i speak publicly about them and worked closely with a group who are there is from zeta ridiculous ny. So they're the extraterrestrials. Most people are familiar with. who were. you'll their short grey with large heads and big black eyes the The group i deal with are are the ponti who live in a. They're in a base. Under the sandia mountains in albuquerque new mexico and i work very closely with them and they visit me on quite a regular basis in fact right. Now i'm staring at my pyramids on mars poster which has Hand dust fingerprints of them. All over it with these long long fingers at her humans in those only four fingers. They covered my entire poster with their handprints. Kate i'm staring at it right now. Yeah they come here all the time. Hang out But they've taught me a lot of things and one of the greatest things that they taught me was one of my teachers rename teeny. And she said that. You realize that music can be communicated at a telepathic level. And i was like. I did not understand. This didn't know as possible and she said well you essentially are already doing it. You weren't conscious of it and you can tell stories and you can leave stories and images in your music that will actually be recorded in the recording. And so i was absolutely. I couldn't believe it. It was like it was a complete paradigm shift for me and ask. Can you help me develop us. Dinty me to teach teach me more about this. And so she did. And so Edge the black is the result of thou those teachings. There's a lot that the music is is. Telepathic being communicated addie telepathic. So it's it's it's it's carried on emotional wavelengths of pure emotion of Of appear love in all the strings in all the notes that are being played and being played full heartfelt in. That's that is the communication on telepathic level. And that is what extraterrestrials listen for. They listen for the emotion. That's in the music. The actual motion. That's one of the things that they talked me out. Traffic taught you They also taught me about the tonal language of the whales and how the whales speak a very complex tonal language. That is also telepathic. And i asked if they could teach me this and a couple of years ago. One of the girls from.

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