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Partying yeah career and partying so it's andrew wilkes krier yes that's why abbreviate it yeah mouthful it is a mouthful and now now you've got a new album tell me the name of the album the album is you're not alone not you are not alone correct you're not alone contraction was there was there a discussion to y why you use your not alone as opposed to you are not alone michael because he didn't want to be confused michael jackson's mistaken out of respect if there's ever an easy tweak you can make your work that helps just stand on its own especially in that case out of respect that not trying to tread his on a sacred pass or yet also i like attractions at rolled off if i was speaking to someone and telling them that they weren't alone i would say you know what you're not alone wouldn't say you are not alone not alone song by michael exactly you're not alone yeah and you know i listen to this album it reminds me of jim steinman are you a fan of jim stein that is the first person who's asked me that in all the recent discussions i've had about the album and i'm i'm flabbergasted which you sexist me because i know you're married i'm married to so i take that as a comedy cancels out each other out just okay because yeah that's what i heard your jim steinman fan i was told about jim steinman much like you brought him up in relation to my music before i had really been familiar of course i had heard his work and not known what it was like total clips of the heart.

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