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Baddie just went out. There's only four guys. Somebody's supposed to be. There's only four guys to for Colorado. Right. The boss of only four players out there. Tyler was just show bell the court by Kim English vandyke tell the key players shovel. Bill Swartz has got the rebound. Timmy was just a toddler baggage. Shook him on the court. So he's out there right now, we didn't take part defensively pelts pass on the block went right through the wickets. Last touch by Tillman. Holy cow. I'm sitting there you recap out there. And I just assumed Lucas who's gonna come in. I fell thought shot not thinking you replace evidence. There of course is not happy with your system for. Mckinley. Mckinley played the ball into get when we threw it. Right back to McKinley is stepping in. That's a mental lapse. To mental lapses disorder. Nineteen fourteen. That was one of the stranger things here. We're going to see her. Two killers Utah tax for left wing. The josh. Did recruit him putting heavily? The transcript scotches got all the right win Jacobs. Tibby works against Schwartz. Upside Jones crosses over shot clock at one he doesn't know how much time is left, and that's a violation right there. That's the buzzer is going on. Got about working over there. The light the clock hits zero Joan still hadn't shot the ball. The. Light didn't go on. He works. So there's gremlins building. There's something really strange about a number of things. Four court white Gatling other left-wing it's his own defense by Utah. A post to base squares. Hoping is Johnson gets it a backdoor. Cut Schwartz goes up strong with right hand. Schwartz. Time run seven good use of the off right here. Mayor by shorts. This is strange game. With some of the things that have happened. For Utah left-wing Jones. Four four. Here's a role. He pulls up three bowl. Olympic short rebound battled for under the pocket. Foul called against Colorado. Mistake absolute so six oh, seven to play the first half twenty one fourteen buffs by seven Lucas who's out evidence in for Lucas. That's his second foul failed over six budgets. The butlers. Bowl played in Shacklock able to tell him. The circle derives down the better off the window or the crab is travel. Take about. Kilby right. Head way down as he looks over at Mike ciphers. Tad. Boyle was getting ciphers. Twenty one sixteen bucks on top by phone. Talbot. Restore this ball. Scooping out the window. I fuck it. He's got four puffs on top by seventy gerbils through the paint on the left wing place. It up top to bear fruit regard. He'll buddy out Saudi are Jones. Jones between the circles to gosh. Lobbied side taken by chase Johnson. He's got back several quarterbacks way down into the baseline step three dunes. Crossover pass psychotic the cats drives a baseline hangs in the air. Hit the backboard Popkin off at Whiteside. Very good defense by Shawn Schwartz better shot got are they keep who's actually behind? The just craves the backwaters. He's got ten points already does Tyler bay in this ball game along with six rebounds, the top twenty five eighteen I think he's got five baskets at four of Amar jump shot. Droppings. Jones. Catch fires with three bull shot. Joe Schwarz has got the rebound. He's going to turn up for to the candidate up to right? There's the. This was his on his head. On one twenty seven to eighteen twenty three fires and misses long Redel. Chase down the quarter. Jones has got to put up the pair people total. Past the quarter driving under the bucket chills. Top side tiller for three choirs and trade on Dale Terry. Have a textbook jump shot. But he makes them terribly. Twenty one bucks on top by six we've seen Tyler up of the year that might have been a record forever. He could have his head room there. Tactic forecourt, white winged. Psychot- turns Trafton swat in the foul. Jay's Trump's second foul. Pool. That'll put toddler fell an uproar time on the court three forty to play the first half twenty seven twenty one. Buffalo's you've got a six point lead visiting Utah. Time out as well. His basketball from learfield. IMC college. Neighbors lend each.

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