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And you can have an influx of Muslims outside the courthouse on one side, and on the other side, you had people from the Jewish community of other side boat rant and rave in there CNN video of the wild scene outside the courthouse and you do not have to look hard to see Salem in the middle of it. He is the large man. On the Muslim side, cursing a cop. Outside the frame. But standing nearby is Ebrahim, LJ, Brownie and influential figure in jihadist circles. He's also the cousin of side No, sir. Reporter John Miller. Now Abraham Algo Brownie was a guy with a long beard. Older than those air. He is talking to the lawyers and visiting no sarin prison. Impressed by Salem's aggression. Elder Brownie takes the bait. FBI agent John Anderson. Av the first day or two being there. He asked him We've never seen you before. Who are you? Why are you here? And then he responded well, that he was here to make amends with God for wasting his life serving a, uh, a legitimate government of Egypt. Creating a backstory part real and part fabricated this part of the job Salem loved. He crafted his undercover persona as carefully as a screenwriter. I surrounded myself with some rumors. That, um, a jeweler in a jewelry business means I have money. I'm ex military Green Berets. That means two things. I know how to make bombs. I know how to shoot guns. Salem's performance quickly when LJ brownies confidence so much so that Salem often found himself at the brownies side. And able to record his movements, Miller explains. That led to the discovery of an intriguing foreign connection. Algo Brownie goes overseas to Peshawar in Pakistan. And, you know is meeting with Osama bin Laden. Your brownie meets with him and says, You know, we're raising money for the defense fund. For else I know Sarah, my nephew who shot Suhani. And the investigation reveals he got about $20,000 of that money and brought it back. This money is the first direct evidence we have that from the other side of the world, Osama bin Laden has taken an interest in funding jihadists in America. The first hint that this wealthy Saudi with ties to the Afghan war, is acting on a grudge against the U..

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