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So when I wrote wrong places, which is a song that I one song land with it was about a year ago, I was in Los Angeles and going through a break-up. Obviously, when you're in Los, Angeles, you can meet a lot of crazy people in. Not The most genuine people or Find yourself in east tricky situations and You know I was. Twenty four years old and I was having fun. I was going out with my friends, drinking lots wine and I just some such a hopeless romantic that I just always just wanted to meet somebody that just made me have that feeling that I was missing I was. In this weird place going through this break up, but also wanting to be loved and missing the love that I had in my past relationship. So that's kind of what inspired the song and I had these court ideas in my head. This really cool progression, and so sometimes I'll record that in my voice memos, and then I will start creating melodies over chords that I create my head, so that was kind of the process. It kind of started out me, singing, dum, dum, dum, dum dum! and. and. And then over that voice memo I would just keep it on loop, and I would just come up with melodies, and the one lyric that I sang was looking for love and all the wrong places. And then one of the lyrics was looking for love and other places, looking for love and all the wrong faces. I'm always looking for love. When wind drunken faded looking for love in all the wrong place A. Came for often knowledge face he. Always, looking for enough. When on one token faith? So. It's like I know going to looking for love in all of these. Wrong people in situations, but I still want it, and that's kind of. It was just as internal mental battle that I was having with myself like I. Want it I know it's not good and I'm romantic and maybe I shouldn't be doing this, but it's still kind of fun, and you know all of those like weird feelings that you have in a situation like that and from there. I sent my ideas. My rough ideas to my friend back home in New York Zach Powell who helped write and produce a song with me and he took what I did, and then made it even cooler, and created an even cooler chord progression. He got where I was trying to go with it and. It does really helped the song to grow. Originally I think he made it a little bit more Staccato and then we kind of tried to make it flow a little bit more and make it more fluid, so he did you know more progressions instead of just very choppy things and we just got it to a really good point of feeling like it had army vibe, but super pop and like just I. Don't know it's so hard for me to describe that part of things because it's like the way my brain works. I'm like all right that sounds. Sounds Great, right? That doesn't sound good, so we're not gonNA do that, so it's like I. Don't know his technique and I don't even know if he does because it's just like a natural God, given talent, but he's one of those people that get exactly what I want. Even if I can't like, verbally, express it if I just give him a few notes, or if I just sing the melody like I feel like he can just figure things out in his brain like a mad scientist. It's really crazy. And just started creating this idea, and then just ran with it, and then just went straight into the studio to record it. It was just really cool to see the progression of the track against..

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