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Might know with get the youtube no code and we had our own content as well absolutely. Yeah i can also vowed for builder. They have an incredible team and they are always so helpful whenever people need it. Better using your platform definitely the same. I'm not use on free four months and they're still happy to jump on a coal wave. You know what. I mean like So in debt and unlike know the issue was on lot realizable problem erin than the fixed in the apologize and on the mission ought to apologize by forwards. Made in light emailed me. Brilliant while you want and say you want people to help you through this initial bitten netflix. It'd be more comfortable. there's good yeah. So i know we touched earlier on about you. Know what are people building whenever their users of no good deb's but i'm curious actually so are they looking would you say that the majority of noko deb's users are they building. Are they trying to start their own business or they trying to become a developer so they can like do client. Work are trying to internal stuff. Is there like a give any kind of metrics on that or or any dislike in general information. We ain't got many metrics unable. But we do have. Is we organise and now it's a question acid regarding some of these questions united to see when everyone's out to get some percentages cross and look at it south. There's always good to get use. It using it for your. I me so. I feel when we do our events now insults. Some of the uses a lot. Just use. Want build up one project you know. They don't want all. The ins and outs of web flow will not so bad table that you just wanna go on projects. Anyone do it as efficiently as cheaply as possible. Which is great. You should what you wish. well nocal- tunes will about you know what i mean. Nothing not the good thing about no cokes. I'm gordon aside aside part. It's my science projects. And i straight away used. The free ones is the most innovative with flow as able.

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