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One terrible all around. This is upsetting toe. Watch that This is the best representation for our country right now. Correspondent John Dickerson says a CBS News poll gave Biden the edge in the debates. If there was a winner, it was Joe Biden who, if you look at the chaos and the mayhem on the unpleasant list of last night, the largest share of it was the result of the president's behavior. The Hollywood reporter says An early look at debate ratings indicates they were down from four years ago. Former FBI director James Comey's facing questions from Senate Republicans about his role in leading the bureau's investigation into ties between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia were all proud of the work their parts of it that are concerning sure, we'll talk about it over all. The NFL has called an audible shifting the schedule now that one team has been hit with a Corona virus outbreak. CBS is Jim Priscilla. The NFL says the Tennessee Titans. Pittsburgh Steelers game, originally scheduled for Sunday, will be played either Monday or Tuesday. The switch comes after three Titans players in five team personnel tested positive for covert 19. The Titans and their opponents last weekend that Minnesota Vikings have both closed their facilities at least through Friday. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's asked for a delay in releasing the grand jury recordings on the Briana Taylor case to give more time to protect the personal information. The witness is CBS's Adrian Ideas is in Louisville, The attorney for the anonymous juror who wants to speak out, says his client felt compelled to take action after how Cameron presented the grand jury findings last week. Is there a concern that if these filings are released, it could set a precedent for future grand Juries where grand jurors won't be able to trust that they're proceeding from a private as they are meant to, it would be more dangerous to set a precedent. Should not disclose everything to the public about 70,000 people remain under evacuation orders in Northern California because of the latest destructive wildfires in Santa Rosa. Valerie Lukins has been through this before piling up what you need for your go bag. And getting your car's gassed up. It's just you don't even think about it anymore. It's just this mindless, numb routine. The Dow is up 459 points. This is CBS News. Good morning and welcome to CBS this morning joined Tony couple, Anthony Mason and Gayle King Weekday mornings on CBS this morning. Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time. The products of great, Absolutely, General aches and pains. I have something work outside a lot gone, its eyes almost magic. It's almost too hard too good to be true, you know, but it is very.

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