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Gotta get rid of the Republican party. They just bad L and your former governor, I guess, he's your former governor now John Boehner John Boehner not John Boehner, John casick. I gotta I gotta get my. I gotta get my John's right here, you know, so Benedict hate the guy anyway, John casick, former governor, I guess is the former governor now he's going to be challenging Benedict. Donald next year in the primaries. As is Jeff flake, the former Senator now former Senator from Arizona, and so they're looking for some new jobs, and we're going to be looking to replace you know, who for his job. Well, we just got a jobs report on Friday, lots of jobs around. And if you're looking for a job, you gotta be smart. In fact, if you're an employee earth looking kickoff twenty nineteen by planning out your business needs. Well, I've got a great ally for you. It's the smart. Choice. Of course, ZipRecruiter proud to be endorsed by and do endorse ZipRecruiter. Because it's smart ZipRecruiter is the smart way to figure out and staff your company in the smart way. Unlike other job sites ZipRecruiter is very proactive. They reach out and find qualified candidates for you. They use their powerful matching technology to scan thousands of resumes. They identify people with the right skills, the right education and the right experience and ZipRecruiter that actively invites them to apply for your job. So you get qualified candidates fast. And that is what set ZipRecruiter apart, and that's why I'm happy to endorse them because they're smart ZipRecruiter is smart ZipRecruiter..

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