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Of it again bury it in the crash it littered at literally or figurative the number three after witnessing the way a 11 splintered cast blacks gate and then pop sworn brother like a water balloon we must stop to appreciate that grin and five men held the gate they the gate they held it they held held that gate nor for we wanna hear bryanne is telling sanza about see ariashe says that aria was with the man i don't think he heard her she didn't want to leave him he did want to leave her xinhua new this is wow pods certainly knows it's the hound that means and would know i saw he's one of the most physically recognized people yells better pretty intimate interaction there it's not like potted ran wouldn't have debriefed after why is free and not revealing his identity decides on this moment on hound obviously have a lot of history it would have been fascinating to see how she responded this and then also in that exchange there's just so low key quiet very sweet moment when sanza asks about ariahow did she look she says and branson's she'll good she wasn't exactly dress like a lady in sadza noshe wouldn't be and she smiles to herself with what at the time appears to be genuine affectionate is just made me really look forward to their hopeful season seven i love the tightening evertightening circles with stories it comes close nor five bran talking about what he saw in his visions as my aunt lianei've seen her statue in the crips my father never talked about her o'leary out there's the stark secrecy and setting up the tower of joy next episode.

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