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Was a friday. She been with a few friends from her master's program for this like end of the year party. Bet most of the night with another girl that program a friendly moi rub and bay went to the fireside restaurant. I and had to eat a couple of drinks and then they headed to this guy named gabriel's plays for a house party now. He's actually also in the same master's program them now on the way they stopped to buy a bottle of wine which according to the ama documentary. Holly paid for with her credit card. Now this is kind of important because her friends say that she always paid with everything that she could with a credit card. She would preferred that over cash now. Moyer wanted to go splits these on the wine so she gave holly of five dollar bill with shoved in her pocket. Police get the surveillance footage from the liquor store and confirm this series of events. And the timing after that holly and stop at gabriel's party for about an hour before leaving for the university club at dalhousie for this end of the year party that i was talking about and again it's not just the three of there's other people from her masters program just before midnight. Holly decided that it was time to head home. She had a bunch of things to do the next day and so a friend called a cab for her and walked her out. That is the last time anyone saw holly until the next morning under the bridge. Okay but that's not true. Who was this cab driver. I mean they would have at least known if she got her place. Okay yes so. You're right so he is be actual last person to see holly and police do track him down pretty easily. He tells police that he did have affair that night and at the passenger was holly the driver says there was nothing unusual about the trip. Her friend walked her out to the car. She sat silently in the back and when he dropped her off at convoy towers her apartment complex. He says that she paid him. Got out and left like that's it but the interesting thing police learn is that the driver says he had no idea that holly was blind but he did say that she was pretty drunk and when he finds out from police that she's blind his first reaction is oh no because he tells police that when he pulled into that circular drive at her apartment complex. Holly got out on the driver's side of the car. Okay so why does that matter. Well this is the thing so when he pulled in. He went in the circular. Drive like counterclockwise in this loop around the driveway so the passenger side of the car would have been closest to the front doors of her building and the driver's side where she got out faced a way and so here again. This is where the maps are super helpful. 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She likely fell and crawled a few times. And it's possible. There fell over a low spot of the fence that borders a footpath or somehow made her way through an opening. Once inside had she felt the concrete posts she may have mistaken the ramp to the top as a path up and fell from the top of the concrete base and quote. So they're basically saying that they think holly was super drunk got turned around when she got out of. The cab walked almost a quarter mile to this area under the bridge. Which btw was surrounded by offend. Yeah member because the commissioner had to let the guys in in the morning then. They're saying she found some way into that fence. Then there are these big concrete bridge. Abutment that i was talking about earlier. Those like wedges then elise think she like felt the concrete from these appointments crawled up this angled concrete fixture and then fell off of it and then laid there until she was found the next day now again. Our maps don't really help you. Visualize this do have some pictures on our website and even more if you go to our instagram handle is at crime junkie podcast. We actually have a walking tour of this whole thing and especial. Thanks to our friends. Sarah who actually lives right by this. She helps consult and she's the one that does the walking tour for us. You can actually see the path to holly is presumed to have taken. You can see what these walk like. I'm telling you. I went round and round and round this case until i got to see with my own eyes and made everything make sense. The visual really really helps. Yeah go to our instagram at crime. Junkie podcast i guess what. I don't understand though is how they're saying that holly even got on the inside that fence to begin with like even if she was completely disoriented and wandered this quarter mile from where she was being. Dropped off you said at the beginning of the story that people working on the site had to be let in. So how on earth did she stumble in by herself. Well enter my map. See so you're gonna have you look at this one so again and i'm kind of just to see you guys building off of the original one. I had so whatever you've got pictured like we're still looking at that thing so i just told you that the taxi driver said that. She walked away from the building when she left his car. Police think this is when holly got disoriented and instead of going into her building she according to them traveled down the parking lot which again goes down the page then along north ridge road which is a long street that goes left across the page and then she goes left again down that walking trail. That takes you to the park. Now for those of you listening. Remember the fences at the bottom left. Hand corner of the map and my hand-drawn doesn't show you the whole fans. It just shows you like the top of the fence and then like the right side of the fence and it's bear on the right side of defence that police find a two foot by three foot hole that they think she crawled through to get into the otherwise locked area under the bridge. Now this.

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