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And I'm Janet. Hi Janet How's it going. Good how are you. I'm good. I'm excited to talk to you about this movie you. I'm very excited. Talk about the lovely bone. Yes but actually before we do. We want want to address a listener. Email that we meant to do during last episode and then didn't get a chance to so sally our friend who recommended the ballot of Buster scruggs to us. She emailed back after listening to the episode. Yes she did and I think we had talked about this when when we recorded busters squad cleaver curious as to why she would have recommended this film to us so she had felt that it was going to be a challenging Ellen ging film to recast because of the style of the movie the way it's shot sort of inven- yet but I didn't. I didn't find that challenging. I don't know did you not necessarily I think the most challenging part of it is that it added a step in that we said which vignettes are we gonNA recast. But that's that's it. Yeah what I found challenging was watching. The movie apologized for that. Go and thank you. I hope it doesn't discourage you from sending US picks further on agreed sally. If you have any more recommendations foundation's please throw the MARAE for sure. Yeah Okay and now moving onto the lovely bones. So this one was Janet's pack and I would love for you to tell me why well I have told you this story times clearly. Well you have forgotten podcast. I needed to tell the listeners. Who So this movie originally was on my radar because Ryan thank God? Sling had been tied to this movie. That's why the movie even entered my orbit of interest. Originally He. He was tapped to play Jack. Salmon the died and basically pe- people want like the whole story. They really should just google it. Because it's all out there on the Internet but basically what happened was and Ryan Gosling has admitted did that. He was fired. He showed up to set for the movie and he was literally fired from the film by Peter. Jackson like take a few days before they were going to start production on the movie because he was too fat he gained Ryan Gosling felt his sort of perception. Was that the character of Jack Salmon. Should we like two hundred and ten pounds. He should be like a bigger man and Peter. Jackson did not agree with us so apparently Peter Jackson fired him. That's sort of the legend agent and Ryan. Gosling has actually come out and said that. That's what happened. How much of that is true or not again like who knows right? That's the back story to it and that was why I was sort of interested in seeing the movie and also recasting it because I had a feeling that Mark Mark Wahlberg was probably not a great choice for Jack Salmon and I was right I have to say I agree. What's interesting is that while L.? Looking up facts and articles and whatnot about this movie. There's conflicting stories on the Ryan Gosling situation because one of the things I read is stat. He didn't fully say he backed out but it did say that he felt he was too young and he didn't really want to do it. There was one particular. Take your story from the Hollywood reporter that actually it was a round table discussion that they did with Actors Ryan Gosling actually gave them that story that I just said what happened by the way I think he was too young. He was twenty six at the time. So that is pretty young to have a fourteen eighteen year old daughter. Yeah I think he was probably not a good choice either. I love the. He thought he had to weigh two two hundred two hundred ten pounds. Like I don't know why like I just think that's so funny but who knows. Maybe he thought that would make him look older. Perhaps you yeah okay. So what was the box office for this movie. The the budget for the movie was sixty five million which probably sounds like a lot and I think if you've actually seen in this movie you'll understand why that number is so high because there seems to be a lot of CGI and whatnot and that's all expensive right. The the box office was ninety. Three million so I mean it did okay but I don't know that that's necessarily a success on sixty five million budget. Yeah I don't think so because one of the numbers that I saw was on top of the sixty five million there was another eighty five million put into promotion emotion. which is I don't know what a typical promotional budget is? But that's huge and I don't know that it. Yeah well I mean it. Was You know it was critically I think. People were divided I read mixed reviews but it did Garner a best supporting actor nomination for Stanley Tucci diameter. Yeah can you believe that. That's Stanley. Jeez only only Oscar nomination. I can't several times. He's one of my absolute favorites and I love him and he's very good in this. He's year he disturbing lake. He earned that Oscar nomination for sure. Yeah do you WanNa you wanNA give our listers take Synopsis Lucia. Sure so this is based on a novel by Alice seebold. It was her debut novel and the movie. Synopsis is a young girl who has been murdered watches over her family and her killer from purgatory. She must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal. Uh I don't know how do you feel about that synopsis. It feels a little bit like yes. Yeah well I don't know I mean I didn't actually actually read this book. No I did. Neither I'm kind of curious to read it now to be honest because I read mixed things things about the movie but from what I understand. The movie is a very different version of what happens in the book. NAUTICA adopt basically is what I read. I don't know who said this but I read that someone said that if you were a fan of of the book that you probably shouldn't watch the movie right but that's often. The case was book adopt -Tations Rain. But I don't know there are parts of the movie that I think are still in the book and things that I did have problems with. I'm not sure I'd be curious to read the book. I kind of want to now. I'll have to say meet meet you. Yeah Okay so before we get into the full re-casting we'll take a quick break. Your next career move is right around the corner. In norquist's college is here to help. Our New Career Moves Professional Development Program. We'll help you transition to new job opportunities. Funded by the future skill center. We we will provide one on one coaching self assessments skill development and training and up to two thousand dollars in available tuition credit. Our focus is your success. Make make your next move. Apply today at Norquist dot ca slash career moves. And we're back. So let's start it with Janet you can do the first recast sure so. We decided to recast only two roles but to two very sort of crucial role I So we recast. The role of Jack Salmon played by Mark Mark Wahlberg and the role of Abigail Salmon played by Rachel Vice. Like I said I had a feeling that Mark Wahlberg was the wrong long casting. In my opinion he two hundred percent is so wrong for the thrall.

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