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Turning towards the grandchild or just hurt her so badly, and she is going to rake her claw, you warrants. For twenty two twenty two. So you. Twelve points of slashing damage, and then she goes, we're. Magical or they silver medical. They're magical, twelve points. And then she that giant gaping hanging walling mouth lunges down and. Your AC is what again. Snaps, just shy of your face. Yeah, you yank back at the last second, almost lose your footing. Almost do that. Whoa. Whoa, whoa thing, but stay up. Snorts nose or the holes in the skull and a big. In your face to you for a second. What was that. Now it is our streams come on. Oh, I'm gonna retroactively do something to the spear still floating in the air and flies in an arc over and. Mistake goes in a circle and strikes into Porsche. That is. That is a twenty two. Really, I write this down. I. I. Six points of damage, but does magical. Turn on those form. We gotta do that. Wisdom check. Oh, we all. Yeah. Who all took damage. Return. If you've taken damage three have to roll at the top of your turn. Keep control of yourself. That's right. How do we know. So or I, it is. You have to know how much damage. Ten or half the damn relative to Porsche right now. Do we know where am I relative to. The era, and where is she. Porsche is here. Okay..

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