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Remember, before being a TV star for a decade, Wendy was a brilliant radio personality and I think for hours when he would do monologues and that's why that 20 minute monologue at the top of her show. That was no problem for Wendy. She could do it because she'd been trained for years to do it on radio. I like the idea of when do you do in a podcast? I love podcasts. I was slow to jump into the podcast world. It was your Garrett. It was you, Garrett, that dragged me in. I didn't really understand them. Now not only love doing this show. I love listening to other people's podcasts. Well yeah, and rightfully so, you know, just like anything new as we just spoke about earlier too, it's weird, you know? Some people get it right away. Others, it might take a minute. Others might not like, they hear the word podcast and they go, oh, phooey. But you know, you realize that it's a part of culture where we're literally in people's heads right now. Listening to us. Hello, we're in your air. We're in your ear. We're stuck in there for 20 minutes. I really enjoy them. I used to love radio. I still love the radio, but the radio you have to tune into at certain times, with podcasts. It's like a streaming service. It's like on demand, I can listen to my Friends, people who I think are my Friends. I'm not really friends with all these people. But in my head, like when did you say is that all the time? In my head, I'm Friends with these people. With the queen of England. Yes. I love listening to podcasts. I think this is a great idea Wendy. The other thing too and let's be honest, podcasts you can do in your pajamas, so Wendy, if you're sick of all that hair and makeup and all that cheesy stuff. I think she loves it. Do you think you know what's weird to rob about the Wendy show ending just like how they're just getting rid of everything. You know what I mean? Like, it's almost like they hired a dumpster and just said, okay, see you later, time to clear things, sherry's coming in, no problem. Nothing to see here. So difficult because Wendy is still here. It's not like she's dead. That buy show felt like an obituary. It was so weird and it was actually Vanessa Williams, who was a guest who stopped sherry and said, she's not dead. She still here, we still love you when to it had to be weirdo, like imagine imagine listening to this podcast rob shooter and then like, you're still alive, you're doing well, you're healthy, but yet we're doing a goodbye podcast..

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