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Nine seven thousand it's john and greenfield hi how you doing buddy hey thanks for taking my call him appreciate get where you're coming from at least insofar as a name change is concerned i'm not sure that that has really far reaching permanent consequences but i have seen that the american academy of pediatrics says that there's something like seventy five percent of miners who identifies transgender change their mind before they turn the age and because of that they recommended that no doctors performing type of permanent medical procedures or hormone treatments until age majori and so at the very least that high that the majority of children stay there one gender or or say that their gender confused change their mind later and identified differently i'm not sure that allowing permanent changes or life things that can affect you for for the remainder of your life is really a good idea and there ought to be some mechanism bear to say hold on now slow down let's let's maybe weight age mature like the judge said there right yeah i see what you're saying and i think it's valid point i really do i saw those numbers to and i think it's it's from what i could tell the reality of the facts that somewhere between forty and sixty percent but yeah you're talking about a coin toss whether or not someone's going to change their mind when they become eighteen i will say though that i think there's also an element here that that people do make decisions about.

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