Jeffrey Epstein, Robert Muller Trump, Harvey Weinstein discussed on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show


Just last week had been assigned to a lawsuit filed by investors in Deutsche Bank. they allege the bank. yeah was misrepresenting anti money laundering policies and did not monitor high risk customers one of them being Jeffrey Epstein. No way pro ugly. So. The judge was uninjured. She was in a different part of the house, but her husband is hospitalized and her son killed in that attack. Speaking of Jeffrey Epstein his favorite table at a popular New York restaurant torched by the owner, the owner of seventy, five, main and Southampton Zach Chopped up the table and lit it on fire. He told The New York Post he was sick of the tables. Bad Energy. He said Harvey Weinstein occasionally sat at that table to. The bridge crowd at the restaurant actually left their tables to go outside and watch and cheer as the bonfire raged some chanting, burn baby burn. Are No you. Guys haven't seen the the Epstein Docu series, but one of the. The crazier parts and I. Don't know why it was crazy to me, but I was like Oh that makes total sense, Harvey, Weinstein, and Epstein we're good friends. and. He was you know at the island in in new. York and he was everywhere that Epstein. Was He was right there? And and you just you just really don't know. The height and level of that dude's influence on everybody politicians heads of state. Royalty. It sounds like countries are going. There's torn down if the real truth comes out here. Yeah! I hope they keep G. Lane Maxwell alive. Oh. They're good at that I'm sure she's in jail. What could go wrong safest place? You could be right now. President Trump says one of his biggest takeaways. When he leaves the White House will be how mean everyone has been to him. How unfairly he's been treated on Fox, news Sunday trump, said President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden now. The presumptive Democratic nominee spied on his campaign. He also brought up the probe from special counsel Robert Muller Trump argued he's done more than any other president so far in. In the interview with Chris, Wallace on Fox News yesterday morning. He also said Joe Biden doesn't have the mental capacity to to be president. He wouldn't say of Hill accept the results of the November election, and that everything in his nieces book is a lie. Her book by the way broke the record for the publisher for first day sales. It sold nine hundred fifty thousand copies in the first day. Man My God. Dementia test. They're talking about that. He had to take a few times at Walter Reed that he was bragging about. Saying how hard it was, and everything and Chris Wallace on Fox yesterday challenged him on that, and said well sir. I took the test and it has a picture of an elephant in and asks..

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