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I joy getting debate back. On the floor of the house. And yes, I actually do have Nickelback song on my running playlist that I listened to on a regular basis and was ridiculed by when my posted my playlist point. Search nerds? It's always good to have some good humor on the on the floor of the house. Like, nobody has even made one joke yet. Exact it wasn't. It's always good to have a little good humor on the floor of the Senate Martin. Not one of those moments. I just love our founding fathers. They were drafting documents that you know, gave rules for debates like this. If they ever knew that. I mean, this is the end of democracy right here. We don't need elected representatives telling us the artistic merits of Nickelback. No, thank you this. This is bad as people goof around on street. Science will stay on record forever. It will sit in the library of comrades silicon station forever. It has the problem. The great thing is like Nickelback making fun of them will never not be funny. And like, it's one of the jokes and always work, you know, and like I feel like I as I learned the hard way, the only the only people that don't find Nickelback jokes funny are the band. Nickelback there. True. Hey funnier. I know we've talked about one hundred times very very quickly dummy real quick about the lady that reached out. This is just one of my favorite stories that the bans bam members wife band member quickly adver Levin, one of the band members lives. Well, no the best. Okay. So one of the one of the band, members wives reach out to me personally and a via Twitter when I was I was attended. Listen Nickelback for a hundred sixty straight. One hundred sixty eight straight hours, but the funniest was Chad Kroeger, and he was asked about it on radio station. I'll show you and they tried to they tried to trick me. They try to trick him on having me on the line to make fun of them to awkward. Where'd you know, he would not be for me? Let's bring on live. I'll show radio ask him about it. And they were like he's raising money for a good cause. What do you think about it? He is will make fun of people's never cool. No matter how much money's race. And it's like oh gosh. I disagree with you there. Everyone thinks that's your Chad Kroeger, that's your that's your impression..

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