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They are a finger tap on your keyboard away now, and it's getting easier and easier to get wine shipped to you. You know, one of I just saw a report on the wine industry and one of the big Categories to takeoff is direct from the winery wind. So you're seeing laws loosen and the ability to I've worked with, for example, Stagsleap Wine Cellars. I didn't taste virtual chasing with them two weeks ago, and people were able to order the wine's directly from the winery and kind of cut out the middleman and cut in some cases cut down on the shipping time. So People are funny, easier, easier. And while restaurants sadly and it just breaks my heart are having a lot of trouble during Cove it the bright spot is in the retail and the winery sector where people are stuck at home, and they're using the Internet to source. He's really good and diverse wines from both around the country and around the world. Okay, you're looking at that. We're gonna take a break, and we Come back. We're going to talk a little bit about Mark Goldman, who has is often as his shows are sold out in person, and they will be again in 2020. He is bringing the people what they want what they need, which is virtual Mark Coleman and some just it just and some of these great wine some of the celebrity wise, he is a celebrity, bringing in the celebrities that are having wines. As well. We'll talk a little bit about the marketing now with those regions are able to kind of tap in to really what's happening now, instead of having all these marketing plans, so we'll see. Maybe we could even do a little think tank and for the orange winds. Maybe it's not just for breakfast anymore. Resurrect that one. So keep it here. We'll be back with Marco, but it's staying on 7 20. W G M..

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