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Racist dot com day to just listen to and hopefully you found it informative if you had a five star rating on whatever apple device or whatever podcasts after listening to his on would be greatly appreciated and it would make kevin blake feel more serene and cam in his wellbeing so a five star racing for blake sannoussi would be great for all of us from declan rix see let everyone from kevin blake good luck and for me emmett is all just just remind everyone that it's it's actually my bars stay on sundays olive edible for free points all the so if you see declan rick's any skinny jeans strutting around leopardstown make sure your so i got a direct message on twitter from final furlan podcast listener and all he did was send me a photograph of a pair of legs and i'm like what do i wanna see this and it was a pair of legs and skinny jeans and he said i'm pretty certain this is ricky because i hear him talking in the tipperary accent and he's putting up the same horse there were put up on the final furlong so either somebody is pretending to be rick see at sandown or team i watched that rick's straight away and he said what bastard did that so on his birthday strutting around in the skinny jeans buddy them drink he's putting the graphics even have a few points in your skinny taking a picture of it it's it's the final furlong bump the paparazzi all over vanessa rile all over yourself now as well it's just you just got to live with you vanessa hidden over the weekend i think is going to the coursing championships glum in in colombo colombo yes the great outcome mill town to fight off oliver cromwell would you and on that bomb show that's it we're done from kevin blake good look and for me kennedy thanks so much for this thing we will chat to you on tuesday on our dublin racing festival and weekend review will include cendana on that

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