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Here the second match up between the two kicks off on Sunday and then business the beginning of the holiday shopping season has gotten off to a slow start WGN traffic here's Roger better soon start out with two Avenue has an accident and it's closed in both directions at D. road it's going to cause problems in park ridge area plans you Waukegan road still closed in both directions between Glen view road and east lake Avenue that's because of a gas main break a CTA Green Line still running with delays after police activity it could see Avenue your more serious delays on the roadways right now outbound Eisenhower starting at Western Avenue right now from the old post office to Mannheim it's a forty seven minute trip in our how to route three ninety over on the south bound tri state you have serious delays between golf road to the Bensenville bridge on the outbound Stevenson you've got a fifty five minute trip right now from lake shore drive to the tri state and our and seventeen minutes to three fifty five over on the Indiana toll road excuse me on I. eighty ninety four westbound between the Indiana toll road and Broadway you have healthy delays she reached lays right now on the inbound Kennedy's starting at Montrose forty seven minute trip coming in from o'hare to downtown on the outbound Dan Ryan forty one minutes from downtown to ninety fifth on the outbound Kennedy it's fifty minutes right now going from downtown to o'hare inbound Eaton's from lake cook to Montrose a forty four minute trap I'm Roger banish the I. dot traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the news is next but first Tom skilling's forecast tonight turning cloudy a little colder a sprinkle or very light freezing drizzle or even a snow flurries possible laid a low of thirty tomorrow cloudy breezy colder a flurry or a bit of freezing drizzle possible as well in the morning clouds break in the afternoon with a high of thirty six Sunday increasing clouds by afternoon call but with light winds a high.

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