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Thirty degrees. Partly sunny skies. It's three o'clock. I'm Laurie Kirby. Good afternoon. Topping our news this afternoon. Sixteen states, including Maine and Connecticut are going to court they want to try to stop the president from using his emergency powers to build a border wall. CBS news White House. Correspondent major Garrett says there are some very hardcore politics about to be played out locally as well. Nationwide boulevard. Vardi said, hey, this project's gonna happen. It's gonna happen in my district. My town my state and this administration finally lets everyone know where it's pulling that money back. That's where the politics and the constitutional law are going to clash and administration has got to play out the legal side of it. And the political side of it that it has been unwilling to define these projects tells you the administration doesn't feel altogether confident about making that information widely known at least not yet White House director of strategic communications Mercedes slap says wall construction will begin in earnest at the end of this month. They'll be a large portion of it being built to the Rio Grande valley. That's something that they're. Working between the US army corps of engineers and department of homeland security and other news accused of trying to lure two young sisters into a darkening Alleyen Cambridge now a homeless man is in court facing the music never Lee BBC's, Mike Macklin from the courthouse. He's a convicted level three sex offender and homeless. Now, Lionel Braithwaite is charged with kidnapping to preteen girls. Cambridge police say surveillance video cameras show Braithwaite approaching the girls last Wednesday as they walked home from school. They say he asks them for directions. Then followed them at one point grabbing one girl by the arm. Tried to get them to go down an alley with him. The girls broke free and ran home. Braithwaite is also being looked at in connection with a similar incident. Earlier this month it which is seventeen year old girl was approached new central square at the Middlesex courthouse in Medford like Macklin WBZ Boston's NewsRadio Randolph police officer arrested in Brockton over the weekend is now on administrative leave. Leave Glenn Frazier is accused of interfering at the scene of a fire outside of his home in Brockton. And then ignoring orders to stay away. Avon police notified the Brockton for Sunday night to be on the lookout for dark SUV possibly missing a tire with sparks coming from underneath a Brockton police officer patrolling near division and Fairmont streets allegedly found Frazier a twenty four year veteran trying to put out a vehicle fire with a garden hose. All right. Let's check your ride right.

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