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Do what we dreamed of doing for the rest of our lives and the idea of getting a new one just out of the question. Couldn't forget it. Yeah. Unless you up the Bank. Yeah. So what? So you Where'd you meet him on the street and I'd seen him at school because he was both him and peop- most same grammar school year younger than me. But you couldn't hide either of them in a crowd of thousand people. Yeah. Because I just had something about them. Pete overstay from his from his nose down because. And we were so skinny Joan had this strange walk. But he had this kind of Johm Johm Wayne woke. So he's he he stood out to him on the street and had a chat with him. Look. He's homemaker tall, which was much more rudimentary, the my my ones. Yeah. L? Should Should we'll, we'll, you you know. know. You in a band, you said track band, we played trad jazz, play Trump trumpet, most of on just learning this thing vice? We're looking for is player you want to be in my band. Wasn't no. Well, you know, getting paid you'll end I'll say we all. And that was that. But we. And that was that come to rehearse and you kinda of to rehearsal, and he was caught oversee a talented going. And you're playing. Buddy. Holly, buddy. Holy every brothers. Anything seemed to charts. Anything and you're seeing it on singing some of it. We had a singer who wanted to be Cliff, Richard. Everybody wanted to be the English Elvis. Yeah. Pathetic refined the cliffs attaching because he's a good singer. Now, why was he ever gonna be over? Right. Most we focused on playing at the time. Yeah. Mostly playing but. And we had the singer and he would do. He would do most of the singing do some of it. So you pull Entwistle and comes in and the guy who's rhythm play at that time. I used to play legal. Yeah. It was owned by Sinn rhythm player was the guy who owned the emp. He wasn't very good in June. After that six weeks said, look, you know, we're going to get any way with with Rachel on the rhythm. But I never really rhythm pledged to money for your. Troy, so I'll say now, let's give him a try along comes pay how and to his credit. Rage was very gracious and bowed out. But still meant this the emperor wall. Wow, that's good. And immediately came in. It was quite obvious from his ability on that guitar. Did he ever real good hardy making no he had he had the neck? I don't know how this happened. What he had the neck of a tall a really crappy body. So I made him a new body for the for neck that was a really good. Yeah. But he kept for a while. But immediately was very obviously talent was extraordinary because he was playing cooled shapes that we'd never seen of. Yeah. And he's rhythm playing because he's in the jazz van Joe moon was a banjo player. So as string banjo players. So those things impede. Early on it. So very early on. Obviously, this guy was something special. Is he playing open tuning or is he playing standard tuning standard in those days? But he just had a feel for it. You had a feel for it, shall we? We went on that. And we we got some bigger equipment. We didn't get very good equipment. But we might look big because who's that imaging those days, and he's still playing covers. We're playing covers anything will requested we managed to get a job. An American air force base officers club in baseball in London every Sunday afternoon. Yeah. And of course, the geo is little would be requesting who music we'd never even heard of here. So we were then expected the next week to figure out what we might lose the job, you know, Johnny cash. Oh, oh, you name it. Chuck Berry three had to Better. go. Go find it and learn. Yeah, we do versions of it. And I just appreciate that. You appreciate you that you try though them. That's not cool. Within a very show spice of time out. We progressed immensely. We doing royals are used to sing ROY orbison. I used to sing the del Shannon. I'd encourage credible range I used to seeing Johnny cash. Yeah. Calling couldn't do that stuff. Yeah. That's when I started to become a singer appropriate singer. Well, those those are good ones to learn from nobody..

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