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I mean I was block island and bedridden and now I am making a living vein doing what I love every single day and really really got it. There's nothing stop you other then yourself. Yeah well yeah I mean again so this is something that's talked about a lot. We talk about the fact that we have to focus on the things that we control. This is something that I work with my clients on his office I possibly can. I talked to my kids about all the time right. Focus on what you all. It's about effort not outcome and so so let's just like dig into that so you Even today right or no. Let's talk about early on so early on you start understanding you have this disease disease and the only way that you are truly going to overcome it is by reframing your mind practically what does that look Gleich like I mean are you just talking yourself out of like being in pain or being ruled like what is that. It's it's hard but it becomes. He comes habitual It you know so whatever. That is catching yourself. Every single time you have a negative thought that crosses your mind. And I didn't didn't realize how disgustingly negative I was. I mean looking in the mirror and I also lost one hundred pounds because of the Diet that I've been onto control which is another control piece but I would look at the mirror and say you are one disgusting. He's a crap. Get your face look at your crooked. T butcher Double Level Chen. And all these things and then it wouldn't go into that would go like to dropping things with my ms so brain damage so my cognitive issues can slow. And I'll drop a fork or something. They stupid are you. How clumsy are you? Hope fat worthless are you and I really had it. Stop every single time without one of are those things which was like hundreds of times a day ridiculously high amount. I would just give it to positive so I drop it in like all right good. I'm getting a little outward Out leaning back here you can have this aware or I'm going to build a new system now that Scott Dirt on Ah Dessert for me to the Lok Each any little saw that I had to if I had one little thought had a negative thought ahead and think of two positive and then.

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