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Brown when gravy fell on it you couldn't tell because adam brown tile so nonetheless allan this is not doors on by goes out to the parking lot he looks at me i look at him it's mono e kit walks right out the door yes and he didn't pay for sixteen bowls green beans which really it's all it's all said and done it we've been two dollars ninety nine all you can eat i know i used to go there all the time i wasn't having it i was to over involved with situation and so i remember when you when i played football i i like to yell at people i don't know if you remember totally before i tackled before i hit whatever i don't know why did that because that's just it's a lot of extra energy but for some reason i really enjoyed it so i looked at this gentleman come to find out later name was ted i looked at ted ted looked at me it's mono kitto and then i just i just mike single terror number fifty from the chicago bears right in the parking lot earned the asphalt yeah over sixteen measly bone bowls of green beans and then i ended up dragging him back into the store plenty of money pulled out of twenty he paid for the green beans she gave me a tip we didn't call the cops wouldn't come anyway and then we sent ted on his way and then ted was one of our best paying customers that he just that day or thinking might have forgotten that i ended up getting over involved as usual with everything that ended up face planning ted out the parking lot so i did that today it would probably be a two million dollar lawsuit nonetheless first cafeteria now closed cross street from builder otto i want abo yes we're big rivals the northeast heights with luby's a truck it went down between luby's and i write and don shaw car radio.

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