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The same benefits that white that after the civil war had gotten the forty acres on a mule. And that had been able to earn the willful that land, like whites were doing, it would wipe out the racial will gap in two thousand nineteen several Democrats running for president and Cooley, including Houlihan Castro Senate Tonio been outspoken in their support for reparations in Texas high school football is king. But soon there could be crowds cheering on kids who are playing video games, the U, I L is seriously going to study making each sports sanctioned activity. The games are quickly becoming mainstream with Flo players all over the place. One of them is brianna Becker of San Antonio, she's certainly supports the move by the u I. A great way to normalize at least giving any sports because I know like when I was younger with it talked about. Well, there are intermural highschool video game clubs being sanctioned would mean the different divisions could be set up and there could be statewide championships city council this week will also be considering a major initiative to fight intimate partner violence. It's an issue that bursts to the forefront during the mayor the recent mayoral race. It's called a comprehensive strategy. It Lynn volved, not just the police, but the business, religious education and communities when three Texas women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime. W O, AI news. Time is seven thirty seven. Now that check traffic and weather on the way, but it's time now to check on your money in the world of business and say, good morning dead. Core. Live the Bloomberg news desk.

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