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Gene, oakland. Up with means in Oakland in home, HOGAN, and the iron Sheik. He was to me mega broadcaster. He was the straight man to all the screaming body pipers just me ten ten. Seventy six. He was as much part of the WWE as any wrestler, you name it. That's saying something we're gonna miss you mean Jane up next on the show, we speak with sixteen w marketing partner Frank Bruno on the past present and future of the NFL. There are many reasons why I think it could be much much bigger. You really think about the potential for the future? I think the skies. That's straight ahead on Bloomberg business of sports. You can follow me on Twitter at big bars for you can follow me at Novi underscore Williams, and you can follow me at Sasha. We're here each and every week at this time and catch our apple podcast on Mondays. Wednesdays and Thursdays. You're listening to Bloomberg business of sports from Bloomberg radio around the world and online where our podcast is available to be the best you want. You're smart do have Bloomberg intelligence from Beijing intelligence chief, Asia communists, Tom all the insight into where crucial industries stand today and where they may be heading next. Hewlett intelligence senior analyst Jonathan ties in. Honcho Wall Street acumen with Bloomberg intelligence emphysema director of research. Meditated handsome. Great to have you on the program in intelligence only on Bloomberg radio, the Bloomberg Radio Plus app, undo beg dot com. Sarcoma. Odds are you've never heard that word before for the forty people diagnosed with sarcoma everyday, it is a life changing word because. This cancer awareness, advocacy, and research, the sarcoma foundation of America is bringing hope to the families whose lives have been turned upside down cancer. They had never heard of until diagnosis. Please. Join us in the fight to find the cure for sarcoma. For more information on the work of the sarcoma foundation of America. Go to cure, sarcoma dot org. Time is running out in just over twenty years. It is estimated that particular giraffe numbers have fallen from thirty six thousand to less than nine thousand today fit together. Waken ten things around.

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