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And i think i'll stay. I'll stand by it. is the fact that robbie ray kind of turned things around once he became a blue jay at the end of two thousand twenty one so he came into this year someone on a higher note. Then what marcus simeon did. And that's why for me at comeback player of the year. Dinner it just for me. It doesn't suit him. And that's the way i looked at it from and i know it's crazy to say because all the sudden he's going to be the most likely going to be the cy young award winner but again he ended off two thousand and twenty a lot better than obviously what he started off because we know how ugly the numbers were in his final days with arizona and he comes over here and all the sudden you start working with pete walker. He's the first offseason edition last year. He comes back right pretty much a few weeks after the world series last year and then all of a sudden he continues at in two thousand twenty one and obviously vladimir grow juniors another good argument but for me. Just the the turnaround from arca simeon. What catches me especially someone over vladimir guerrero junior because a lot of me grow junior was never bad like he was always average and that was probably the thing that a lot of fans got frustrated with is that he wasn't at that elite level. That pretty much people were forecasting them to be when he was in the minor league level. But it's not like vladimir grow. Junior was bad he was putting up decent numbers. And you still getting on base. The time he was playing average and all the sudden. This journey takes off to the player that we thought he was going to be from the minor league days. But for me just nothing. Beats the turnaround from what marcus and went from a two thousand and twenty two two thousand and twenty one. Yeah i have to say honestly. Jacob you kinda convinced me. They're talking about tim beza but for me like i don't consider vladi as a comeback player of the year. Because i think he's more of a breakout player like he was never bad like you said and he was never good like he's not coming back to what he was. He was just average when he came up to the majors and he's finally living up expectations. So yeah. I don't consider him a comeback player of the year kind of the same with robbie ray. He was never amazing. He wasn't all star in two thousand seventeen. He did have good numbers but he was never who he. Was this season this past season. He was never at that kind of top. Cy young award level. So that's also why i don't totally consider him for the ward markelle simeon. Obviously amazing pick but to meza yet. It like jacob you mentioned is split after the kind of first few games of the season You look at his month of april phenomenal. didn't give up a single earned-run didn't even give up a run. Let alone earned. He didn't give that up until an outing. On may seventh against the astros gave up two runs then he just kind of as a stretch of horrible games. He gives up two runs to runs. Three runs to runs no runs for two outings. And then he gives up three runs in another outing to end off. Mesa just may was a horrible month. For tim mays but then he comes back started june if you look at his outings from june first onward he has an era of one point eight three and that's not a small sample size. That's thirty nine point..

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