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Sever weather station on the line for his warning. Forecaster. Raven Richard News radio 700 wlw radar's clear 64 degrees Right now they are continuing the clean up of the old Western Hills viaduct, which connects much of the West side to the rest of the city. And that means some inconvenience for people who are trying to get From downtown the Western Hills. Today. The exit ramp from I 75 North to Harrison Avenue is going to be closed for several hours Cruise they're going to be doing regularly scheduled maintenance. You'll also not be able to get onto I 75 north from the viaduct until three in the afternoon. I'm Matt Reese News radio 700 wlw. Did you see the video that Highland County inmate who got away after being sentenced to jail? Well, he's been captured at dramatic escape. Captured on surveillance video. Nicholas Garrison got six months for drug charges He took off and now he's facing more time he was found at a Clinton County motel. The bailiff who dove over that stair railing to tackle Garrison broke his ribs and has A possible concussion. Now that two teen boys have pled guilty in the hawking Hill's death of a photographer, an old man's cave, the popular tourist attraction there. Sentencing will happen in juvenile court, one of their friends told the chill of coffee Gazette That's the victim's hometown newspaper. They did it to be funny. Sentencing is October 15th I, Sandy Collins, our next updated 10 30 on NewsRadio, 700 wlw, hot flashes, irritability, intimate dryness,.

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