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Dispatcher gets a nine one one call Coming from an area. Funeral home Pick it up and the call hangs up So my initial thought was oh. Maybe it's one of those things with kids they have the apps that spoof caller, ID so they're trying to scare the cops but then what happens. Next makes this, so gave me the shivers so. The cops they got to follow protocol here you can. Just call nine one one and hang out so, they call the funeral home back phone rings It gets picked up Cops, like you know hey somebody here, call, nine. One one. Everything right no answer Yeah So they're, like all, right somebody go over and check this. Out you, know we're. Getting we're getting nine one one call from a funeral. Home we just call them. Back we're not getting any. Answer you know somebody's. There somebody picked up the phone cops go over to the funeral home lights, out locked, up, tight no sign of anything going on inside the funeral. Home So they go back to the station they never hear another. Thing about it, funeral home, doesn't call the next day to say. That there, was a. Break in there was ending a mess so the one. Of the the information officer. Said jokingly said on Twitter. Probably just lying trouble. Right shore let's go with that right I don't know something something you know, as they, say, three thirty AM that's the witching hour makes you want You know I I can imagine waking up In, between those two realms of living in dead waking up inside of a funeral home and being really freaked? Out and, and, who do you call it Call nine one one yeah So but. The resolution is they never they never could figure out whether it was somebody. Who got trapped in, there somebody who woke up. They don't in the end what do. We really? Know All we know, is that somebody called someone. Or something called the thing Pick it up but they didn't have a voice did they have a record because usually the nine one. One people have recordings of everything right that you can release later on Right so that was calling. In and then clicking off and then were they called back it picked up and still never said anything that'd be really freaky I don't know, if Evertonians but so one of the, radio stations I worked in for many years in, the, quad cities was ninety seven x the rock. And roll, mansion and it was a former funeral home and it was on Brady street. Hill in Davenport Iowa and we used to run into ghosts all I mean the. The strangest things would, happen in that in that rock and roll mansion and it was just like that was like it was. Like almost like impulse energy it wasn't an apparition but it was like, suddenly? Just go on and off enough often that kind of stuff or the.

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