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But that's three times the ad sales that Twitter rings in every year and Bluebird communist-era o'day says being also brings in more money than linked in or surface computers. Being will never be Google, but Microsoft's okay with that. They're not trying to make being this huge market share web search engine. But they have hundreds of millions of people using windows computers, using Microsoft Office. So if you use that little search bar, you're using being a deal with Verizon also makes being ailing Yahoos. Default search engine. So, again, those are places where being picks up high-value searches and can make money from those Microsoft is celebrating beings, tenth birthday. It was launched by them, CEO Steve. Dumber in two thousand nine Adrienne Mitchell Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio it's one ten or they have music, games, face painting, and more. And we can't forget the cheese. We're talking grilled cheese WBZ's, Chris foam joins us now from charity event in west Roxbury, and Chris, I have to tell you, I am so jealous of this assignment of outta love grilled cheese. Well, it's, it's not just a grilled cheese. Sherry, it's the great grilled cheese festival, which is thrown by the nonprofit ships table foundation. It's all those things you mentioned. And it's all you can eat. Plus, it's for great call the proceeds today. Any him table foundation event ships for veterans and children in need with an interesting cooking in each year, they pick a winner and they sent him to culinary school. This year's winner is also today's grilled cheese shift, Josh echoes, who after fifteen years defending our nation in the marines with having trouble. Finding.

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