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Search t r a f f i x chicago madam chapelle the began traffic central the forecast from the wgn chicago weather center mostly sunny today still blustery high of thirty five degrees becoming mostly cloudy tonight maybe some late flurries low twenty early flurries tomorrow then partly to mostly sunny and hive 28 right now at o'hare it is thirty degrees midway reporting thirty one kinky thirty two at the lakefront thirty one degrees get chicago news first at the top of every hour i'm steve bertrand on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn lehrer bells rang i this in snow as good as slim a beautiful fill laugh his judy pile act filling in for wendy wendy's taking some time off when might jimmy joins us right now by way of the telephone mike are you really there this time a really and truly there i really did you try to catch me before and i wasn't there we heard you say severi disparaging thanks i told him to keep up the might but he wouldn't he kept painting it down through the insisted she said mike's going to say something awful but pat tomasulo i said no we all that he did in siberia wallet radio live trade do you good for you you're doing the right thing that you're doing the right thanks mike you have a big holiday special coming up and it's one that needs to be seen by the public where where is at one is it how is it why is it it is the uh policy extravaganza my christmas special were taking it to jolie joliet this year ice it at a venue cold to forge joliet it it's a beautiful venue they use it for allowed for music go for vans and things and and uh it's should forge live is where you can find out more about the venue and the show because they usually is it for my the for uh for music my can we expect you to play a song at least one song in your piccolo because that says christmas to me well you know better than anybody that i love to play laugh laugh at a low yes like any other will snoopy be there uh fares of this point we are still working on mass such a can't stand snoopy might don't bring you saw the.

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