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Brian lera on wnyc and in recent weeks we've heard a lot and we've talked about a lot about cynthia nixon's challenge to governor cuomo in the democratic primary but you may not know there's a democratic primary going on for lieutenant governor as well brooklyn city mentioned monte williams announced he will run for the spot against the incumbent cuomo's lieutenant governor kathy hokuto now in case you didn't know new york's governor and lieutenant governor primaries are run separately not as a ticket so if williams toko in september but cuomo was renominated we could see a democratic ticket of cuomo and jimani williams an outspoken progressive council member from flatbush who started public life as a community organizer williams says he wants to be the people's lieutenant governor who had pushed the cuomo administration on things like affordable housing policy police reform and fixing the mta and he's been critical of the current role of the lieutenant governor which has in the past been little more than a booster of the governorship in the daily news williams said the state needs someone who can quote not just give lip service but do things also tramonte williams has been in the news speaking out after the police killing last week of saheed vassal as officers miss tucker curved metal pipe demand was holding for a gun in crown heights dramatic williams joins us now to talk about that case and his run for lieutenant governor councilmember welcome back to wnyc.

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