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The stay at home order and allowing more businesses to reopen despite a continued rise in the number of covert nineteen cases and deaths in Minnesota wall says cases will rise regardless but staying closed indefinitely isn't the answer he says he spoke with vice president Mike pence about the state's plan last night the White House is very interested because of this very thing that while our numbers stayed relatively low and they're going up and we're trying to do some of these things of opening they're kind of interested to see it is this the model for sustainability in the long run and and I think if we don't give the opportunity to see if this can be done that would be a mistake walls also clarified that June first isn't a magical date for bars restaurants and salons to reopen he says well it's the goal and to many businesses may be ready it's not a guaranteed for all starting next Tuesday may nineteenth the governor walls is ordering all flags at state and federal buildings to be flown at half staff to remember mourn and honor lives lost due to cope with nineteen the practice will be in place every month on the nineteenth individuals businesses and other organizations are also encouraged to join in jury trials in Minnesota will need to look a lot different in the age of covered nineteen according to Minnesota's newest state Supreme Court justice governor walls appointed nobles county district judge Gordon Moore to fill the seat of retiring justice David little hug today Moore says the elbow to elbow model in the jury box will need to be carefully reevaluate how we could do that is going to be a discussion for about probably endless committee meetings we have technology we have for dinner V. we have lots of different resources how can we put those to work to make sure that the focus is on the case and out of the disease Moore says resuming cases in Minnesota courtrooms will need to be a very cautious methodical process Minnesota Senate minority Majority Leader Paul Gazelka says the mall of America is hoping to get some help from the state in the form of a loan he says they'd like to borrow money from their tax increment financing account to pay some bills there is virtually no money coming in but they still have all their debt obligations I think it was last month it was five percent of their rents came in so it's like they're in a hopefully a short term financial problem as a result of what the state that there are about one hundred seventy five small business owners in addition.

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