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Dinan at Harris Restaurant on Venice Avenue in San Francisco. The House is expected to vote tomorrow on a resolution that would form a select committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection at the US Capitol. House. Republican leaders won't say whether they'll support or participate in the committee he spent Congressman Eric Swalwell told kgs Pat Thurston today he believes the resolution will pass with or without Republican support. Police officers who come to Capitol Hill every single day who defended the capital who are pleading with my Republican colleagues to show unity as the antidote to what happened on the sixth. To stop saying this was Antifa stop saying that this was an FBI inside job and to recognize the real threat to our democracy that exists. The committee would be made up of 13 members, eight appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The other five would be chosen in consultation with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. San Francisco Giants pitcher Gregory Santo suspended for 80 games without pay under Major League baseball's drug program following a positive test for stanozolol. Mosul All is a synthetic steroid derived from testosterone that has anabolic and androgenic properties. 21 year old Santos will lose about half of his salary. It pays for plays for both the Giants and the Triple A river Cats. Several Bay Area beaches make an environmental groups list of the most polluted beaches in California heal the Bay, says ERC in BRAC Park, Guell Park and Marlon Park, all in Cemetery County are on the group's beach Bummer list because of harmful bacteria in the ocean. Windsurfers Circle at Candlestick Point in San Francisco, is also on the beach Bummer list. Several local beaches, though, made the groups on a role for perfect water quality Graves Year round. They include Crown Beach in Alameda County, along with China Beach and Ocean Beach in San Francisco. Checking your traffic radio traffic is sponsored by Juniper Networks, and Heather is taking us off to mountain view. Silicon Valley crash Now from the Chilton at about a traffic desk. It's South. Wanna one right before San Antonio, and it wasn't Lane three for a good 20 minutes on the shoulder. Now, that's why traffic's backed up to University Avenue. So I found 85 currently slow from de Anza down to Camden Avenue and earlier accidents on the Nimitz have left it well, worse than usual. So found 8 80 south of Stevenson. Traffic is slow from 92 down to autumn. All North bound traffic is heavy from Mowry Avenue up to a street and headed for San Francisco. There is a wreck north to 80 right before the split to Highway 1/19 Avenue. So traffic's backed up to before Westlake, leaving the city for the East Bay North bound one of one's packed from before Cesar Chavez to the Bay Bridge. Companies from a zoom run on juniper networks with the ability to handle all that video traffic from your six AM with London to dinnertime chats with Mom. It's no wonder the fastest growing companies trust Juniper. Some data centers to WiFi driven by a I get results at juniper dot net and your kgo A.

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