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At full capacity and movie theaters and bowling alleys can open at half of their pre pandemic capacity a South Florida mayor believes the George Floyd case will bring about change west Palm Beach mayor Keith James says the video of a Minnesota cop kneeling on Floyd's neck before he died is open the eyes of white Americans that we get they truly understood what black folks have been fighting for generations James was part of a discussion on racial injustice organized by three members of Congress from South Florida an Orlando man who waved a badger demonstrators yelling do you want to be arrested has been arrested and charged with false impersonation of a federal officer during a demonstration in Orlando last Sunday over the death of George Floyd protesters blocked traffic thirty six year old John moblie got out of his vehicle pulled out a law enforcement looking badge and approach the crowd yelling do you want to go to jail Orlando police later found moblie in the crowd with a firearm in his waistband that gun turned out to be a BB gun a mostly peaceful protest in west Palm Beach last night but only one incident involving somebody from out of town who was charged with a felony of inciting a riot that was a fifty one year old Caucasian white guy from Jacksonville who is trying to stir up violence he was arrested state attorney Dave Aronberg says Anthony course faces up to thirty years in prison for the incitement charge SpaceX attending their second launch in four days tonight a falcon nine rocket carrying broadband internet satellites into space scheduled to liftoff from the Cape at nine twenty five the weather is sixty percent go with Florida's news I'm John Conrad at.

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