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The eagles and the patriots battle and Foxborough. Tonight as the pre. Season continues we get more from KYW's Ed Bankin Jordan Hicks believes any preseason game will help prepare the eagles for. The regular season but admits playing the patriots should, help even more considering the history of their opponent they're consistency and how, do they then over the. Years you know to get the ability to to go out there and play them and their town and their coaching coaching staff Obviously a good test for us meanwhile on offense after missing last week's. Game due to muscle spasms quarterback Nick foles is expected. To see playing time in, the first quarter this evening I'm Ed Bankin. KYW NewsRadio not Phillies welcome the New York Mets the town, for a double header tonight left-handed rookie. Ranger Suarez will get the start for the Phillies in the opener making his. Second big-league start Mets counter with rookie right hander Corey, os while. Second game pitching matchup. Features. That gap one for the Phillies lefty. Stephen Matt's for New York now the Phillies are, sixty six. And fifty three still in second place in National. League east two games behind first-place Atlanta fills picked up. A big win last night beating, the Boston Red Sox at citizens Bank park seven to four Phillies rally from a three nothing deficit in this one and, they got a huge game from catcher Wilson Rama's making his Phillies debut Rama's went. Three for. Four two doubles a triple three runs scored, three runs, batted in he also caught eight different Phillies pitchers in the victory and he says that was that was good For me I and I know how, those guys join next a Rowley when they calming we'll be more relaxed one hundred. Play because already know how they troll in the Mets get their. Double header underway late this afternoon at. Four zero five in minor league baseball Nolan Jones was a star at Holy Ghost prep high school and Ben Salem Cleveland Indians drafted. Him, in the. Second round in two thousand sixteen and he is now one of their. Top, prospects a twenty year. Old left handed hitting third baseman Jones was recently promoted to high a Lynchburg in the Carolina league and the Lynchburg. Hill cats are currently in Wilmington for a series with the blue rocks after a four. Nothing win over the blue rocks last night Jones talked. About how much fun he's, having playing pro ball play baseball every day. I have a blast everyday I learn different things I get, to hang out with people from different. Cultures learn things from different people and make myself better every day like I. I have a blast everyday I mean yeah Yeah I'm a. Professional but I'm just a kid out there having fun Jones is having, a heck of a. Season batting two seventy two. Seventeen home runs and..

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