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In your shirt balance but none of the songs that. I'm not proud of have made nearly enough money as this thing as it's so bad and look listen please. Can we do this. The part where you say to me. That's your opinion. No no. That's god in nature s- opinion. It's not my as well. You think isis is bad. I say they're fine jumping. Now the songs fucking horb notes are the most is like those are your amendments. Yeah this is god's commandment and this is a bad fucking. It's just right family. It's on every level bad sonically. It's bad from it's bad lyrically cosmetically piece of shit why they do it now. Why that's that's my question is should be humiliated and if the answer is well the audience i don't give a fuck. It's an embarrassing part of our past. Hey i got a better idea. What if the audience just wanted us to pull one nut hanging out when we sunk sara smile. What if they really wanted that. Would we accommodate them. Customer's always it's humiliating. We're not gonna do it or they're going to do it do it. In a mocking voice. Whatever jarred watch the viking version and the sarcastic version all right. Let's bring it home. Baby got it. I'm gina grad and. That's the news. That was the news with gene grad. Trevor moore's second appearance on the atom. Parole show back in two thousand fifteen and as we said he will be greatly missed. And that'll do it for today's perla classics. Wish everyone a happy labor day and hope you're enjoying your day off because you deserve it and june. We'll be back to the next holiday. So thank you against listening. We appreciate you. The adam corolla show returns tomorrow. My name's chris locks and monitor that superfan giovanni so you guys getting several fortnight's and get it on today's.

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