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Enough. Mostly sunny sky 75 degrees on Monument Circle and 93 is this afternoon's Hi. I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 802 protesters showed up to ST Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church and Caramel sundae upset with recent comments made in a church bulletin by Father Theodore Rothrock. Rock was suspended last week for saying members of black lives matter and Antifa, where maggots and parasites but the protesters say he should be removed entirely. Counter. Protesters also showed up to defend the father, 20 trash fires, five vehicle fires to tree fires, one house fire and dozens of calls for investigations, all things the Indianapolis fire department say were caused by problems with fireworks on the Fourth of July weekend. Some of the incidents resulted in lost pets and serious injuries. Police believe in Avon woman killed her seven year old son and then herself. America Berman, Avon Police say officers went to malicious singles. How something morning when a caller said a person in the house hadn't shown up for something that morning. Inside, they found seven year old chief Patel shot to death. Siegel was dead to police say it appears to be a murder suicide. Eric Berman, 93 WNBC model needs the average price for gas in Indianapolis to 10 a gallon, says gas buddy the statewide averages to 11 state police say officers in months he had to shoot a man Sunday. Kirk Darling reports. State police are looking into it. They say Muncie officers were called about a suicidal person and when they showed up They found Taylor Warner, sitting in a car they approached in Warner got out and pointed what looked like a gun of the officers. They told him several times to put it down, but he refused. The officers fired shots. Fatally hitting Warner Troopers are reviewing body Cam footage, but they later figured out that the gun Warner pointed at officers was a replica style BB gun with no orange markings to indicate that it wasn't a real gun. Kirk Darling, 93 w Y B C Mobile new winning at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is awfully special, he says. It's a great place to come to its great place to race and in something that I look forward to every year, Kevin Harvick was able to cap off the doubleheader weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with his second consecutive win in the Brickyard 400. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the go on on Twitter at 93 W. E b, c and w Ivy si dot com 805 with traffic on the fives. It's Matt there. Looking at the sound side and what we're dealing with this Christian westbound for 65. It's over on the shoulder of the road, still slowing us down just a bit from us 31 back to 65 then on the Northeast side, trying to get a build up here in the westbound lanes for 16 5 Alison Bill rode over to the White River not went to keystones..

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