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Do you remember because you remember the name? She wears a dread wig drink owes really like baggy Janko 's she wears her matrix costume. Yeah. Kid wisdom as it w is e no it looks like it's just regular wisdom. They just showed us fest two thousand five. That rules. Yes. Sharon, Osbourne went to see them performance small nightclub and she was blown away. Wow. So she was the one who's hook that up. I guess so. Yeah. So she is separated from her husband. She moves into her father's house, her mom her mom doesn't live their lives somewhere else million. Yeah. Yeah. Play Candice Bergen you see some shots of like seventies. Candice Bergen, gorgeous. Yes insane. Yeah. Lebron Berg getting buckets from half court. She's trying to start an interior design business. I guess kind of she's she makes joker early on where she's like just one of those people who like any creative thing they do like, well, she's supposed to be sort of a dilettante because she's having dinner birthday dinner with her friends. She's like all these other careers. Well, that must be nice, exactly. So she's just kind of an, but she's Libre to I don't know how what's the word Egypt. Is probably the. And she goes out for drink with a friends. Real. Jen kirkman. A funny thing about John Kirkman. 'cause I put my notes all wears Jen Kirkman. Yes. She doesn't come back disciplined. Donald doesn't. She not come back. She disappears from that scene because it's just her and Dolly wells hanging out after a certain point, you're like ten kurkin Sierra just had to go home. Only had one day available. She's a comedian funny one at that Jiang, Kurt. Yeah. It is. Yeah. It's one of those people were like if romantic comedies were still being made regularly. She would be running the table on parts like this scene over drinks, Harry Olson, just going there. They're like so many actors like that who s we've been doing this miniseries realizing like fuck, that's what this person would be doing if these movies still made the best friends in this. They would be the boss in this like that's the zone that they're not getting cast in. I mean, I've said this like a fucking thousand times. But if I was Jennifer Lawrence, I would go to my agents right now and say like I wanna make an ANSI Myers moving. I wanna use whatever remaining like movie star capital. I have to try to make a straight down the middle like my best friends wedding like career revival round com to remind everyone that I'm charming and get over like the press in the baggage. And all of 'em. Maybe seem like I actually enjoyed the work of acting. Right. And let Nancy like get a whole new batch of character actors on the rise movie stars to fill up the supporting cast a bunch of people from TV, right? Yeah. No. They're out there. Yeah. So Alice hits it off with Harry played by PICO Alexander who is a mannequin that was brought to life a beautiful man again. A compass American from Brooks brothers, or the gap or something wearing a nice sports coat like they really carve some detail into that. Again. It's acidic face. And I do do we know? Like is there any real indication of what their connection is apart from the super cute he super hot? She's super hot. Yeah. He's just kind of going forward. I guess and. Yeah, because they don't ever say like he he'd like sedate older women or anything like that. Like, it's just sort of UC him indiscriminately hitting on everyone at the bar, right? Because he's hitting on. He's hitting on the bartender until reached whether it's been comes over, and then he immediately shifts gears. He just seems like you know, he's he's a big game hunter. Yeah. Right. Yeah. But like she just for whatever reason, maybe he can smell like the birthday on. Yes. She's right. She's journey forty. She's a little maybe she was paint buying. Maybe she in Dolly wells. We're buying because it was they have money and the kids don't have that That would would be be. deal for them to put in the movie, right? Like, we should get them to buy strength. You do PICO elves zander's real name. I do..

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